The Flight Of Amelia Earhart and a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo: 7 fragrances inspired by great women

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Today is international women's day — and we remember what this holiday is dedicated to actually. And remember all the great people you can at least every day: our perfume critic Ksenia Golovanova offers seven fragrances inspired by women who left a mark in history.

Curium [Cm 96]

One of Those


for 100 ml

Curium is extremely expensive metal which is used in nuclear technology — was named after Marie Curie, the physicists who studied the radioactivity of elements. However, Curium Italian niche brand of One of Those fully devoted to the scientific half of this brilliant Duo — Maria Sklodowska-Curie, first female Professor, the first double Nobel laureate and, as it is often called the mother of modern physics. It is made scientifically with restraint: it is light yet dense veil with a floral core — iris charged particle, around which, just e-atmosphere, pulsing light musk. By the standards of toilet water, a period of "life" at Curium is eternity — ten or twelve hours on the skin.

Camélia Intrépide


Was 8600 RUB.

30 ML

"Fearless Peter" dedicated to Amelia Earhart, the first pilot, single-handedly crossed the Atlantic. During his career, Earhart set many records: for example, after the first year of study at the flight school rose to a height of 4300 meters (so deep the sky is not probed no woman-pilot) and first received the flying Cross of merit, first handing only male soldiers. "Women have to try just as men once tried," wrote Amelia in his last letter to her husband, explaining his desire to take a turn that became for it fatal — flying around the world. Although Camélia Intrépide, inspired by Earhart's life, there is no tragedy, for flavor, which is positioned as female, he really is fearless: it smells like leather flight jackets, strong tea in a metal thermos and ozone near thunderstorms.

Paloma y Raíces



50 ml

The name of the scent "Dove and roots" refers to one of the most famous self-portraits of Frida Kahlo: the artist lay down on the ground, and growing from her body philodendron — a symbol of steadfastness and love of life in Mexican culture — vengeance putting forth aerial roots. Raíces, that is just the same "Roots", is a film about a deep connection to Frida's tradition, giving it strength and protection. On the self-portraits she often portrays himself in the costume of Zapotec women in the community of the Indian tribe to continue to operate the traditional system, close to matriarchy: women head of sector management and service and have a lot of weight in the business. Such culture Frida close: in the picture she dove so Frida called her parents — myself literally "roots". The same is happening in Paloma y Raíces: smoky and smoked vetiver is grounding spicy greens and the tropical sweetness of tuberose, which practically grows in fertile soil — as the heroine of the picture.

Rosa Ekaterina


21 000.

50 ml

Italian mask Moresque sitting on two chairs at once: Arab and European perfumes in it about equally. First it makes the hobby popular in the East forms — agar, musk and afranowym roses, the second a brilliant job with the citrus fruits and an obvious love for the nobility, once the sole consumer of everything fragrant. The collection of the brand is "Countess", "Emir", "the Aristocrats" and — from there — "Diadem". Now Moresque swung higher and released the perfume to Catherine the great — fantastic relics of the rose, which is coming up on a curve the carriage. If you like garden flowers, in the dew and greenery around this Palace party: Ekaterina — whipped and powdered, as the wig Empress.


Histoires de Parfums

6020 RUB.

60 ml

French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette lived a few lives: dancers of the Paris vaudeville, the author of the bestsellers, issued her first husband for her second in the history of the women of Chevalier of the Legion of honor and the first President of the Goncourt Academy. "Women's and men's capabilities are roughly equal, only in the dressing room, the situation is different", — once said Colette, but never got into the prestigious French Academy — on the grounds that took only men. However, this did not prevent her to become one of the most widely read French authors of the twentieth century, equally beloved by intellectuals and belostenny Paris Studio for the sharpness of the language, believability of characters and the degree of erotic scenes. The same contrast between relatively high and low is the beauty of "1873", dedicated to the writer (name — year of birth): lush, Regal orange blossom is adjacent to the frivolous ledencova chord, which tingles the tongue.


Santa Maria Novella

9920 RUB.

for 100 ml

The woman, who gave the name of spicy Cologne to Florence Santa Maria Novella was the wife of the odious Marshall d Ankr (hence the name — "Marshallese") and milk-sister of Marie de Medici. She married king of France Henry IV, transported to France and his retinue, including Leonora Galigai, intelligent and ambitious young woman who soon appointed a new lady's maid to the Queen. Thanks to the soft and consistent patronage Galigai her husband received many positions and ranks, including the rank of Marshal of France — but many said the country is ruled by his cunning wife. In addition to the honors, the couple acquired many powerful enemies that ended predictably: the Marshal was killed, and marculescu beheaded and burned at the stake on charges of witchcraft. The official description of Marescialla their website is silent on the above, but honestly promises "a bouquet of spicy and woody Oriental notes". All the way: "Marsalese" fragrant nutmeg, rose, rassyhayutsya the floorboards, and smoke of the Holy Inquisition.

Eau Suave

Parfum d'empire

10 500 RUB.

for 100 ml

Josephine Bonaparte, first wife of Napoleon I, was an exceptionally active woman: having bought from the bankrupt banker the estate of Malmaison outside Paris, less than a year transformed it into the lush estate of Europe. In the greenhouse, planted three hundred pineapples. For heating of gigantic greenhouses built several coal-fired furnaces. From London wrote dozens of flowering crops, rare varieties of dahlias and peonies for the entire trip was accompanied by a British florist, which Josephine specifically for these purposes and having the appropriate documents. But the main pride of the Empress was a huge collection of garden roses, replenished to the death of the owner, after a divorce, the estate remained in her possession. Indeed, Eau Suave pink sounds like a choir, assembled from many "votes": floral fresh, green stems and sepals, fruit, berries and spicy hints of roses. Don't be afraid excessive floweriness: it is at least pink, but a chypre — mossy mottled shadow on the perimeter of the flower garden.