PR-Manager Anastasia Kriukova care and your favorite cosmetics

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FOR the section "BEAUTICIAN" we study the contents of the beauty-cases, toilet tables and beauticians interesting heroes to us — and show it all to you.

Anastasia Kriukova[править]

PR Manager at Esterk Lux Parfum

Tools that really came to me, continue to live in the bag until something more effective do us part[править]

About the relationship with cosmetics[править]

I work as PR Manager in a company engaged in the distribution of niche perfumes and other great beauty pieces, which thrilled. Cool, when what you dearly love, related to your profession.

Can't say I bucholic who buy a thousand cans per month. I listen to the positive reviews of friends, and are interested in a product only after taking the tests. I got capricious skin, leaving behind it huge efforts. While in high school, all classmates struggled with pimples and black dots, I tried to deal with the constant peeling. I remember the first time I applied concealer: by the end of the day he's not just tears, but literally fell off.

Since then, much has changed. I became more attentive to the care, and funds that do come, stay in the bag until something more effective will not separate us. By trial and error, I found out that I have dehydrated skin: all my life I thought she was dry, and it turned out that T-zone oily so it's not so bad, just moisture strongly enough. However pathetic it may sound, over the last two years I developed the system of care — consider it to be effective and are happy to share with friends.

On a multistage care[править]

When I come home from work, wash off the makeup with micellar water La Roshe-Posay (does not contract, does not dry the skin, just Paradise). After using Korean peeling the bedroll, new in "Friend" for three hundred rubles. Peeling is very good, I use it maximum three times a week. Usually get it when have a party with friends: after peeling and subsequent care makeup goes on perfectly and lasts all day. Daily I clean the face with cleanser then apply a moisturizer, then a serum. For dehydrated skin it is better to choose funds with a moisturizing effect. After some serums it seems that no cream is not necessary, but I always reinsured. Then I put on face cream is a light consistency, a cream put on the skin of the neck. The final stage, which I picked up from Koreans, is a night mask that goes on top of all this diversity, to maximize the effect.

About makeup, dark shades and sequins[править]

Makeup depends on my mood and the amount of time to pack. At work, I actually don't wear makeup, only sometimes do kudowy make to please yourself. From Friday and until Sunday evening I have a period of non-stop meetings with friends, I usually can't resist and am in front of the mirror for two hours. Favorite image — clean skin, brushed up brows, a little mascara and a bright lipstick. Love the dark shades and firmly believe that the snow white they are perfect. Now I'm in search of a dark red, closer to wine and brick, so I would be grateful for a tip. Add sometimes unusual means — for example, glitter eyeshadow. Since my skin is very light, I always interfere in the concealer a little brightening drops of The Body Shop. Sometimes emphasize the eyelashes mascara: by nature they are thick and curved upwards, so no special manipulation is not necessary. This requires a good makeup remover — comes to the aid of the Clarins oil. After him, no tightness, dryness and redness, skin is hydrated, nourished, and fresh.

Dad calls me a magpie: a year ago I bought a cool edinoroga sequins in Monki, put them on the eyelids and on lips, the mood immediately rises. Are unable to resist the transferable tattoos Sasha Unisex: real doctor has categorically forbidden to do because of the abundance of moles and these can be worn every day.