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Offshore companies are legal entities registered outside the state where the main operations are carried out. “Offshore” means that the company is a non-resident of the country in which it was established. Members and directors of an offshore company usually live outside the country in which the company is registered.


The definition of an offshore company largely depends on the competence of the entities and the jurisdiction of which the business entity is formed.

There are many different types of offshore companies. In reality, different entities create an offshore company of their own need. However, the entire offshore business has the following main functions: - Corporate tax is not paid in their country. - Business flexibility. - Corporate rules and regulations are generally less stringent. - It is difficult to get information. Data on the structure of the company, on its activities is not available to the public.

The international offshore financial industry has changed a lot in recent years and will continue to do so. Despite the new policies, offshore companies are booming. Although there are significant changes that require understanding. Financial accounts may be more transparent, but they still provide tremendous tax savings and benefits for businesses and investors involved in activities such as international trade, investment, online business, or financially licensed companies.

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The Offshore Company Forum discusses and discusses all kinds of aspects related to registration, the activities of offshore companies, as well as related issues ...

Registration of an offshore company and an offshore bank account. Creation of an offshore company and banking services. A discussion about all types and possible nuances of an offshore company, including confidentiality, anonymity and alternative business / company structures in countries or states with low taxes or without taxes.

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The international industry of creating offshore companies is the use of the advantages of local and international corporate tax legislation and the use of opportunities provided by the union of several jurisdictions.

It is important to note that the situation in each case is unique. There is no single solution suitable for any situation. Before making a decision, it is important to correctly weigh all the nuances, familiarize yourself with examples and listen to advice.