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Talented young actors more — some of them managed to light up not even one but several of the films nominated at the last "Oscar". We have selected ten interesting newcomers, whose work in film and TV worth paying attention to, and whose names will soon be at the hearing.

Brooklyn Prince[править]

The young heroine of the collection — seven-year-old Brooklyn Prince, a carefree lover of ice cream from the "Project Florida". The film's Director, Sean Baker says that Brooklyn is a small and very hardworking extrovert who doesn't hesitate, and that working with her was easier than with some older actors.

It is obvious that the Prince despite the young age, very conscious of the child: she came to my parents and said that she needed a portfolio for an acting audition. Brooklyn is enjoying the life of a star: she likes the outfits, pose in front of photographers and get to know other celebrities — she has managed to make friends with Millie Bobby brown, calls himself a fan of Elle fanning and John Boigu from "Star wars" — the guy of your dreams. At the ceremony, Critics Choice Awards baby dedicated the award for her role in "the Project "FL"" "all the world Muni" (Muni is the name of the heroine, which she played in the movie) and acceptance speech urged to treat the problem of poverty seriously.

The next visible project with her participation — a mystical Thriller "The Turning", which Floria Sigismondi takes on the novel by Henry James of the late nineteenth century. The action will be transferred in the 90-ies, Brooke will play the sister of Finn Wolfhard from "Very strange", and the role of their troubled governess will be performed by Mackenzie Davis "Stop and Gori" and "blade Runner 2049".

Bria Finite[править]

Another breakthrough "Project Florida" for Bria, Americans of Lithuanian origin, the role made its debut. The film's Director, Sean Baker discovered Finite instagram: one of his friends reposted a video from her account that is subscribed to more than 80 thousand people. Baker was fascinated by the energy and sense of humour girls and invited to audition, despite the complete absence of the acting experience.

Bria — nonconformity in all senses: she loves tattoos, promotes weed and freedom from conventions, admires Sarah Paulson, calls himself a feminist and support the movement #MeToo and Time's Up. Bria plans to pursue an acting career — in front of her shooting the movie "Beach bums", where he will play Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg.

Caleb Landry Jones[править]

The red-haired Caleb Landry Jones last year had to be lighted already in three films nominated for "Oscar", "Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri", "Away" and "Project Florida". Until Caleb gets the secondary characters with the unenviable fate, it seems, never his character is not out of the frame unscathed.

Landry Jones is originally from the heartland of Texas, a place "where only you could walk, but the library had to go." With a treasure trove of cinema introduced by a school teacher. Caleb's own film career began with bit parts in the TV series "breaking bad," "Friday night Lights" and the films "the Social network" and "to Old men here not a place", and his first notable role was the mutant Banshee in "X-Men: First class".

This year he's coming out with some interesting projects: a mystical drama "Welcome the Stranger" with Riley Keogh, a criminal drama about young offenders "Friday's Child" and road movie about a punk band of the 80's "Viena and The Fantomes", where he will appear in the frame together with Dakota fanning, Evan Rachel wood and zoë Kravitz.

Barry Keoghan[править]

Perhaps the most ambitious character of this collection, the Irishman with piercing eyes, never studied acting, but invested in their characters all their complex life experience. Share Barry fell hard childhood: at an early age he lost his mother because of her heroin addiction and to twelve years of wandering with his brother in foster families until they were taken to his grandmother. Keegan was a difficult teenager — "gouging" (as he describes himself) and prank phone-caller, and in the end never graduated from high school.

In the movie Barry came by accident: I saw in the shop window an advertisement looking for actors in the movie "Between the Canals", which became his debut work on the screen. Then followed a larger role in the "Scam in English," with Brendan Gleeson and Michael Fassbender and "Dunkirk" in the same boat with mark Relenza. At the end of last year came the chilling Thriller "the Killing of the sacred deer."

Next film this year — "American animals," about the history of the robbery, where he will play together with Evan Peters and Ann Dowd. The actor is in no hurry to rush headlong into projects and picky about roles — he even has a special list of filmmakers with whom he would like to work. Barry dreams of three "Oscars" in three different categories and says in an interview with the Independent, "I want to be a Director. I want to be a producer. I want to go with the camera. And your Boxing club. I have a clear plan."

== Maya Thurman-Hawke ==

Maya, the eldest daughter of the infamous Ethan Hawke and uma Thurman, was born a year after meeting the parents on the set of "Gattaca" is a the case when genes are calling. This year she made her debut on television in the mini-series "Little women" based on the book by Louisa may Alcott the role of a brave Joe and invited her to a lesser role, but Maya persuaded producers to give her a chance, read the replica of the heroine, who was her closest in spirit. Due to the filming of the project the Maya even had to quit his studies at Julliard, the largest American University in the field of art. In parallel with the shooting of a young hawk and develops a career as a model and has managed to star in campaigns for Calvin Klein and AllSaints.

This year the actress will appear again on television — in the third season of "strange Affairs" she'll play a bored saleswoman who plunged into the mysteries of Hawkins. In addition, hawk is waiting for a role in an indie project of Mine, Joseph "Charlotte XVI" about the complicated relationship a girl of sixteen and her mother.

Nick Robinson[править]

Nick Robinson starred in the movie less than ten years and has managed to participate in many successful projects — in the TV series "boardwalk Empire" and "Melissa and Joey" and films "the Kings of summer", "Jurassic World" and "the 5th wave". The interest in his person rose after last year's teen melodrama "the Whole world" where Robinson plays the neighbor boy who falls for the main character — a sick girl living in isolation.

Just a week ago with his participation was released another film, an adaptation of the American bestseller, "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda" Becky Albertalli about a teen coming out called "love, Simon". Robinson plays a high school student, hiding from friends their orientation, blackmailed classmate harmful. Also engaged in the movie, Catherine Langford of "13 reasons why", Josh Duhamel and Jennifer garner.

Olivia Cooke[править]

The daughter of a police officer and trading representative, Olivia Cooke from early childhood she studied ballet and gymnastics and never thought about a career in the movie up until high school didn't get the part of Maria in a production of "West side story". With fourteen years she has starred in commercials and music videos, and the agent tried to persuade her not to waste time in acting school, but Olivia still tried to enter the Royal Academy of dramatic art, but it was not accepted. Cook not desperate, I go to trial and succeeded.

Among her noteworthy projects shooting in the TV series "Bates Motel" and the movie "me, Earl and the dying girl" won the Grand Prix at the Sundance festival in 2015. This year she has out three curious project: a Thriller "full-Blooded" Anya Taylor-joy and the late Anton by Elkinym (for whom this role was the last), "the First player to get ready", which seems to have collected half of promising young actors, and teleadapter "vanity Fair", where cook plays Becky sharp.

Letitia Wright[править]

New star in the firmament of the Marvel universe and a younger sister of the ruler of finding wakanda is a native of Guyana who emigrated with his parents at the age of six in England and raised in London. From a young age Letitia got the exclusively dramatic roles: at school she played the icon of the movement for the rights of African Americans Rosa parks, drugdealers in the British TV series "the Ringleader", a kidnapping victim in the mini-series "Chasing shadows", a troubled teenager in the drama "Urban hymn", and even appeared in episodes of "Doctor Who" and "Black mirror".

The Director of "Urban hymn" Michael Caton Jones, at the time, discovered the world of Leonardo Di Caprio, says Wright incredibly talented: "I always rely on instinct and since Leo didn't see anyone as impressive". This spring Ledisi out four projects are: the already released "Black Panther" and "Passenger" with Liam Neeson and "the First player to get ready" Steven Spielberg and "the Avengers: infinity War". The actress has not taken a new role and wisely plans to take the rest of the year to the wave of enthusiasm not to drive yourself to exhaustion.

Will Poulter[править]

A young actor with eyebrows worthy of Jack Nicholson, not a newcomer to the screen — it might be remembered for the role of the bad boy Eustace in "the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn" and the franchise "the maze Runner". Poulter has been working with the stars of the first magnitude — starred with brad pitt in "war Machine" and Leonardo DiCaprio in "the Survivors". However, the real breakthrough was the character role in last year's drama Kathryn Bigelow "Detroit" on the most destructive urban riots in U.S. history, where will played an aggressive COP is a racist. About this role he says as the most difficult in his career so uncomfortable it was to get into the skin of a person with thoughts contrary to his own ideas. For the same reason, will turned down the role Pennywise in last year's horror film "It" after it was approved: he didn't want to turn into such a terrible and negative character.

This year, Poulter is another work — a mystical drama "the Little stranger" by the book by Sarah waters, where he will play a war veteran. In this film, he will appear with the Donal Gleeson, who met on the set of "Survivor" and which considers not just a colleague but a big brother in the shop. "If not for his sense of humor on the set of "Survivor"," — said Poulter in an interview with GQ, "it would be possible to drop spirit during those long chilly hours."

Kathryn Newton[править]

Blonde girl with magnetic eyes, Newton is one of the busiest young Actresses. Before reaching adulthood, she has already played in the hugely popular television series, "Stop and Gori", "Big little lies," "Supernatural," and this year it was lit in two nominated for a major movie awards movies "Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri" and "Lady bird".

To stop, it seems she has no plans and her career is gaining momentum. In January came "Little women", where Katherine plays the sister of the heroine of the above-mentioned Maya hawke, and within a year there will be three more projects with her participation: the spin-off of "Supernatural," "Wayward Sisters", the teen Comedy "not having Sex!!!" and the family drama "Ben Is Back", where she will meet again on the court with Lucas Hedges and, as in the "Three billboards" again will play his sister.