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Under the HEADING "LIBRARY," OUR HEROINE TALK about their favorite films — important, brilliant, inspiring, and such that are hard to forget after seeing once. In this release the main artist of Stanislavsky electrotheatre love Wes Anderson and tells how the series gradually supplanted in her life full-length movies.

Anastasia Nefedova[править]

set designer, production designer, costume designer

In reality

I know nothing about — I always have to turn everything into the image

and artistic statement

Deposited in the head this picture: I was five, Wake up in the night screaming and jumping for comfort to her parents in the bedroom — they are watching a movie, and I also allowed. I remember this moment as a story about maturity and trust — is still the shore then a sense of security and importance. Then I don't really understand what's happening on the screen; then it turned out that it was a "foundling" with Faina Ranevskaya. What could be better?

A matter of life I was lucky: the profession and the people I was elected to do, but I intuitively took things, and some not. My current occupation and generally who I am, I owe to Alexander Doulerain. He invited me to his first feature film "Ivan the fool" with a funny text that wants all the characters looked like me. Thus began my love affair with cinema. Sasha taught me to see, to think and to tell stories with images, not paint pretty pictures — this experience I learn so far. The most complex relationship I have with historical reenactment or a direct illustration of reality: that is for me a pain, in reality I know nothing — I always have to turn everything into an image and artistic statement.

Relationship with life has changed so much that it got to complete lack of interest in the full-length movie. It's like with a man: when they want long stories, one-off has no wheels. Now I have a period of lingering love for the series to dive into the myth and into the worlds created by film Directors, composers, artists, operators and actors — it's a dive at a depth where so good that I want to stay. I have great inexhaustible love for old movies: they are a source of refreshment and hope, the cure and the pure joy of being and honesty.

There are a few people whose vision I will always be especially close. First, Wes Anderson: for the artist is the Klondike of humor and actual optics of his "moonrise Kingdom" and "Hotel "Grand Budapest"" perfect. Is Roy Anderson — elegant and reserved-rich. Coen brothers — crazy and perfect. And Godard is a romantic beingness.

Penelope, 2006


The film, which was very fond of my children, when I was little, and I with them. Then the world seemed magical and fragile, and the minute pre-sleep lull you to look at "Penelope", arm in arm with beloved children and rolls, is a wonderful dream, especially if the screen looks at you James McAvoy. Reviewed today is such a heartwarming delight not already experienced all of that seems a bit much, but McEvoy remains irresistible.

The Darjeeling Limited, 2007

The Darjeeling limited. Desperate travelers

The movie, which I tell the students, speaking about the connection of a producer, cameraman and artists in one heart and respiration. This is a clear, witty, a perfect example of the joint creative work and bold approach to the so-called canons of cinema, where "this never happens" is completely erased immediately dive head-first into a new unknown world Anderson.

Utopia, 2013-2014


Series based on the comic book about the global conspiracy. I adore such genres are ready to believe in anything, if I clearly and exciting to talk about it. Here is the case: great graphics themselves drawn comics elegantly woven into the picture of narrative in the construction and large format image. The proportions of the frame and colour are subordinated to the mise EN scene and mise-EN-scene are played according to the laws of the composition and dynamics of the plot lines and stories of the characters. Casting, play, costumes and objects all speak the language was invented, but close to the world.

The Duelists, 1977


The first feature film by Ridley Scott. To fuse the poetry of the frame and play the world of the early and mid nineteenth century painting from the Dutch school of the late eighteenth century to the English paintings of the mid-nineteenth. "The duelists" is a Director's perception of the visual culture of the time. The work of the operator and the artist's brilliant and inexhaustible: some of the shots are in front of me for many years. The film gives a hint of "Barry Lyndon" and admires them: Kubrick, for example, took a picture with candle light using in any scene with electrical appliances. It seems so one master and learns from the other.

Bron/Broen, 2011-...


Danish-Swedish series about relationships, mentality, the subtle metaphysics of being of the two countries and their inhabitants due to investigation of mysterious murders. The show fascinated me avarice funds. Almost monochromatic greenish-olive palette for all frames, a conscious disregard of contrasting colors and light, unusual acting, casting, promising nothing exciting. Extraordinary character-the investigator in this case is completely devoid of empathy and a sense of humor at the same time. It's all so impressive that I want to be inside, to feel all, to help, to care, to stay forever and simply contemplate their life as it is.

Pleasantville, 1998


Movie-coloring: a technique here turned into a philosophical metaphor. Colourless heroes of the popular series of the 50s and their world as you penetrate them "real life" begin "zvetmet", gradually acquiring the ability to deeply and wonder to feel, to think and make decisions. Impeccably made film image, and the ability to realize the plasticity and mimicry of another time, a variety of game range of actors. So good that even the bad!

Dick Tracy, 1990

Dick Tracy

Iconic, bold and innovative. Kinomax gave impetus to the creation of a new genre, one of the brightest representatives of which was "Mask". "Dick Tracy" absolutely not obsolete: watching it with fascination, admiring the artists who dared to spit on all and to do what no one before them did.

The Young Pope, 2016 — ...

Young dad

Divine in every sense of the word series. My love, Jude law — outrageous, paradoxical, irresistible — it's all about him and the painting. Are you in any story you can never predict the reaction of the Pope to people, events and objects — and it's landscape perfectly geometrically built frame. The feast of the soul.

Angels of revolution

The picture was taken on the advice of a friend reluctantly — started to watch and was stunned. Have got to explore Director Fedorchenko; for now, consider this picture of his best. I did not resist and wrote him an enthusiastic letter to Ekaterinburg that to me quite unusual. So to see the revolutionary myth through the Russian avant-garde artists and the mythology of the small peoples of the North, — so sincere and ironic all beautifully twisting. The film creates not only a lot of thinking about what the revolution and the time through the eyes of artists, but also grapples charm and strength with which you into this world instantly settled. Respect.

À bout de souffle, 1960

On the last breath

It is still present and the unbearable lightness of being, which betrays and breathes in every frame hodorovskaya view of the world. Fleeting and attentive, optional, accidental and extremely precisely built, empathetic and distanced. Supernatural mystery filled with young, Jean Seberg and Belmondo — look today and my heart is filled with poetry from the 60s, the avaricious and the rich in their aspirations into the unknown.