Combs, "crabs" and a huge gum: 10 accessories from the 2000s

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DESIGNERS CONTINUE JOURNEY TO ZERO: on the catwalks and then flashed rhinestones, plush costumes, jeans very low waist and of course all kinds of hair accessories: from the massive "crabs" to the small Bobby pins clips. Waiting for the triumphant return of the sleeves-mesh and wristbands, and while showing clips and elastics that you can buy right now.

Hair Clip Barrette[править]

Narrow brim, as your first school teacher, in 2018, the designers almost not changed, except that I lowered the brightness and added a modest logos. To not be too "official", wear this accessory with sports things: an oversized bomber jacket, a creeper and track pants.


Gum Topshop[править]

We have already talked about the return of the oversized suede and velvet bands. This spring they will be a great addition to a direct trentu or wool coats, voluminous Trouser suit corduroy or dress MIDI in the spirit of "Mad Men". For an evening out, look for gum with sequins, crystals and shiny fabrics — such is the Balenciaga and H&M.

399 RUB.

Comb Gucci[править]

Retrocession is experiencing a rebirth: designers are advised to wear comb tortoise color with a plaid suit or really play in the "shift of ages": MIDI dress in sequin and updo, adorned with such hair — a combination worthy of the main parties this spring.


Wrap Gucci[править]

These hoops are certainly loved your mom, and now a soft hat-"braid" flashes on Gucci. Stick to the rules of the brand, and add to it a colorful dress with a floral print and lacquer accessories, or head towards R'n'b and wear with bright velosipedni and hyperonymy bomber — both combination will be a win-win this spring.


Hair clips-butterfly H&M[править]

Another undeservedly forgotten accessory which will help to reduce the degree of seriousness, even if you simply pantsuit or dress MIDI. Not necessarily stick hair five "butterflies" as we like to do it in the childhood, a pair of asymmetrically located in the hair barrettes will be enough.

399 RUB.

Colored invisible Monki[править]

Another favorite technique is originally from the zero — observable "invisible". This spring designers offer to create the patterns on the hair, fixing the hair, several pins in a row. And invisible — a real salvation for those who undertook to grow out bangs.

199 RUB

"Crab" Alexandre de Paris[править]

The last show of Alexander Wang finally returned the massive "crabs" on the shelves and in our hearts. Copy the image created by the designer, suggest literally: smooth hair, topped with a toothed barrette, bulky jacket or dark coat, short leather skirts, clumpy shoes, a minimum of makeup.

3125 RUB.

Mesh Diva[править]

I'm willing to bet that the time of colored hair nets will come soon. So far, this is the accessory for followers of the retro style: dark or beige mesh to smooth hair perfectly complement slim skirt MIDI, lush blouse with sleeves puffed and corduroy jacket with voluminous shoulders.

149 RUB

A scattering of "crabs" ASOS[править]

Favorite trick of the Olsen twins (when they were less than thirteen), Phoebe from "Friends" and a young Lindsay Lohan. To not overdo it with references to iconic movies and childhood, are advised to wear colored "crab" with monochrome outfits, such as beige dress a-line black oversize-suit or denim jacket and a pair of denim trousers.

350 RUB.

Colored rubber bands with charms Marc Jacobs[править]

Just as in childhood: the more large pendants and beads, the better — so believe Marc Jacobs. Except that it's discreet but lovely accessory which will cheer up others, with the help of these rubber bands you can create the maximum number of hairstyles for short and long hair. And the hand looks not so cliche as the usual springs Invisibobbles.

2300 RUB.