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  • …to implementation. As a result, even the most interesting idea, talent and experience does not guarantee results, so that many throw that all away now. And yet i …tor of the brand Circle of Unity Misha, Rico who shared their contacts and experience helped us to avoid mistakes and talked about the production. We also suppor
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  • …en they produced the TV series "call Girl" (wonderful title of "Girlfriend Experience" is not accidental is not translated into Russian language), keeping an eye …tep remains unclear until the end — the moral is erased for the specific experience of women, the touch is seeking for itself the boundaries of the acceptable.
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  • …in the face of others" and tend "to use other people as the only source of personal integrity, values and well-being." …t right and lost weight, because it's supposedly better for her health and personal life.
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  • …group of parachutists-firemen, who perfectly coped with the work. Foreign experience proves that the subsequent prohibition of error: in the U.S. and Europe tod [[Category:Personal experience]]
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  • …success and a culminating moment in the life of Armstrong, but also deeply personal and unknown to the General public of the events before and after the missio …after two shorts), but the first full-length directorial and screenwriting experience. The role of Esther will be performed by Dakota fanning and Jesse Plemons,
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  • …brilliant Amateur and again will break all that we built. But my personal experience tells me that the perfume is a lesson for methodical, patient, modest peopl
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  • …eventually defended his thesis. "Nadja" is a book documenting the surreal experience of penetration into a parallel reality. Following a exotic and half-mad Sla …This writer is unique because it retells something terrible, and makes him experience the feeling of horror, so nothing to describe — as if in a dream, when yo
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  • …nical bias. Actually, I think that for practical psychology important life experience. Because I had therapy in Switzerland, where I continued to learn Russian d …If we talk about eating disorders, domestic violence, traumatic childhood experience, where society is different; this happens, but is seen as an exception to t
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  • …he film's Director Alexei Desired and producer Sergey Kornikhina about how personal they turned out to be the story and that, in their opinion, they managed to …xteen years were full — as she says, "fat teenager". She spoke about her experience, and we some moments, then added to the script.
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  • …always a very personal statement. And only when I see before me this is a personal statement, I can think of to answer own that will be hidden inside Director …aracter, love the character. But for the actress is a completely different experience than the viewer. You won't suffer as suffers the viewer. Suffering as an ac
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  • …and experience to run their business. In September 2017 the girl took up a personal project and called it "a Sprat on a horse": "anyone who has read Hemingway'
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