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Last week we talked about what viewers are accustomed to seeing on the screens when they come to watch the Russian movie: the romanticizing of violence, discrimination, and — the lesser of two evils — just a badly written story. This time we give the floor to the creators of the Comedy "I lose weight" — a movie that breaks records of the Russian, while not slipping in the humor category of the "eggs of fate". Albeit imperfect, this movie is about the relationship with your own body definitely stands out from the rest of the art on the subject.

We talked to the leading lady Alexandra Bortech, which for the sake of the film had to gain and lose twenty pounds, and also with the film's Director Alexei Desired and producer Sergey Kornikhina about how personal they turned out to be the story and that, in their opinion, they managed to change in the world of contemporary Russian Comedy.

"Why are we making a movie about the girls?"

Sergei Kornyhin

The story is. Came Kolya Kulikov and Alex Need (screenwriter and film Director. — Approx. ed.) and said, "We'll make a movie about women." I laughed two men decided to make a film about women. But then we started talking and it turned out that they came to the process with the Hollywood thoroughness: did the detailed research, conducted in-depth interviews with different women, and plunged into it like the body you perceive yourself and how others perceive. When the project was joined by Sasha Bortech and Irina Gorbachev, they have become a strong influence on the scenario. Sasha, for example, up to sixteen years were full — as she says, "fat teenager". She spoke about her experience, and we some moments, then added to the script.

Alexandra Bortech

I got into this project thanks to Sergei Cornicina — we have long been familiar, he was the producer of my first film "my name". Serge sent me the script and I loved it — I then said, "How cool that you wrote this and what do you do!" The film shows that the script is really strong. Went in for the audition, not even thinking about what would happen if I was approved.

Alex Needed

Nikolai Kulikov wrote the first draft and gave to honor him in our familiar girls. I don't remember the exact number, there were about twenty, but each of them gently trying to hint to us that there's something wrong. We started to go deeper — to ask questions, to bring down this delicacy — and stumbled on what we've written — it's just not fair: there is a scenic man's hand, insincerity, and no problem we really had not explored.

We split up was I was nick, was our co-author Konstantin Mayer, showrunner of "Teacher" — and studied a huge number of books, though not always had the opportunity to read them to the end. We found and interviews various women on the topic of material really was a lot. Every day we read a lot about everything that was associated with the release: about women who are in emotional thrall to men, and how this is connected with the rapes, beatings, alcoholism. This is a big problem, and we wanted to emotionally connect and understand it.

The boys asked themselves the question: "Why are we making a movie about the girls?" It seems to me that in our country men have no such problems faced by women. My mother, for example, believes that "a man looks more solid". In our heads, the man doesn't need to be attractive. From this we have formed values of the country, from this we have on some channels show redneck humor.

"Eight years ago my girlfriend left me, and I suddenly realized that I'm just dumb"


I'm so fused with this story because she is close to me. In my Teens I was a full — on self-love, then even out of the question. Now I know my strengths and weaknesses. But there are still stories when I lose weight and people tell me: "you now look for a role?" I was like, "Actually no." I do not idealize myself, but some undue criticism to yourself do not feel — just know that now, but can do better.

To people more fully, I never like something special is not treated. Attitude after the film I also not much changed after filming, I very quickly forgot about all the body changes. At the premiere when they saw themselves on the screen, I, of course, she didn't remember what was so great. To anyone it would be difficult to go through all of that, and I, too, was hard, but I worked to get it.

I was very pleased with bodypositive mood of recent years. Cool, for example, looks like Ashley Graham as she presents himself. I sincerely admire it. I see her pictures — and she's cool, alive, she has a very beautiful figure. It's very feminine. But I always look at it from the point of view of health, because some of it might be too much and leads to problems. But if a person is completely comfortable and there are no problems, everyone is free to choose what he wants.


I lost twenty eight pounds, Kohl — twenty, and Peter, our co-sponsor, also lost — we all somehow went through this experience. Eight years ago my girlfriend left me, and I suddenly realized that I was just dumb. And I was like thinking: "Damn, so dumb live dumb," and decided to go to capoeira. And capoeira is the wildest sport where after an hour workout you just crawl out. And a half months I lost twenty-eight pounds, doing capoeira, running in the morning and only eating Breakfast.

I think I Supermarine came to the case. Definitely need a proper diet: eat normal food, not fast food and not to overeat. As we were taught in childhood? Mom said, "Eat everything not to throw away". Or another question from childhood: "are You hungry?" You had to eat. It's all stupidity. I don't eat. Why go with the weight? I like to be lean and not full. I found the balance on your growth and understand where I organically exist. The person needs to understand where he is well: if he loses weight and feels that he nakipova, I think it's bad. You need to listen to your body and find balance. And what it will be is to each his own.


I from an early age led a fairly athletic life, but there was a time when I was a little "played in the business." Lost schedule, ceased to eat normally, ate once a day, in the evening very much. Weight went. For two years I existed in that state, and then he found the tumors, which in the end successfully accomplished. But I stand by the position — in the movie we also tried to show you that it is pointless to try to urgently to shed pounds, it is more important to change the lifestyle. So I realized the situation was fixed and began slowly to return to more conscious eating and living.

"You're *** sexist"


Unfortunately, we live in a Patriarchal society. Sexism we have not completely studied, and it seems that if you now to speak on this subject in the movie, really frankly, it will be perceived too hard, immediately cut off a large audience. Many people just can't accept that they're sexist. It's very painful and frightening — they are inconsiderate as they are selfish. When a girl is with her boyfriend in the movie, and we point the finger and say "you're *** sexist", they just come out of the cinema and derision. And then this movie ceases to be entertaining. It was important for us to make a small step to women's freedom. Very little. We have achieved this result or not — it is the spectator says. In order to take a giant step, it is necessary that ten years have passed in the country — then we can talk about this release.

I've been doing Comedy, and until then, until I became a producer, has always worked on other people and always catered to their values and attitudes. And wore at heart a heavy stone — weariness of the Russian Comedy "about nothing". They were not sincere statements, they were pseudoreflection, like "are we playing jokes, the main thing to be funny". I wanted to make a movie, which will be one of my saying, and entertainment.


We wanted to do a story about the real pain point of the society not only about women, but about everyone — almost everyone looked in the mirror and realized that dissatisfied with something. We have a second hero, Jack snipe, which clearly reflects the male part of this problem. Another thing is that in our society women are much more objectivist. It is women, unlike men, had imposed rigid stereotypes about what they should be, to be happy, to feel good and to please her husband or to society.

I have a story on this subject. When we did the movie, I realized that you can't take the pain point and begin to pick open. It is possible to remove cool documentary on this subject or to start a video blog about how to live well in harmony with each other. But we had chosen a specific type of expression — movies, Comedy, — which has genre limitations. So we knew that to go into this subject deeply can. Therefore, we, as archaeologists, a bit like a brush touched her, marked.

I understand how it works on the normal viewer. But I have a few friends who are on serious feminist positions and advocate for bodypositive. I was wondering — will it be a statement, or we will remain part of the entertainment movie? And that's when Alice taiga wrote that this is the type of statements about bodypositive, which is possible in modern conditions in Russia, I realized that all of the class. We received not that the indulgence, but the checkbox is still set. It is clear that this type of the audience to tell us almost nothing — and so they know that you don't need to rely on external images, they understand what is disgusting and destructive to be an object, and so on. But cool that this story took place.

Two of the six producers we have women's Alena Kramer and Kate Kononenko. We had two Executive producers, one was male, the other female, Julia, Cvetko. And the crew we had supersnoopy: costume girl, artist — girl, set designer — the girl. If you figure out that almost 50 % of members are women. We listened closely, they often gave feedback, including at the stage of script and editing. We have tried to absorb it. In this sense, I want a separate compliment to say he Needed that, despite the fact that it is quite a tough Director and preserves its history, carefully listened to suggestions of Sasha, Irina and everyone who was at the site, primarily women. Sometimes acted on their own, sometimes taking the proposed position, but is always listened to.

== "Why are you so confuse?"



Moved: something for me? I must honestly say that I spent a huge amount not even hours, and years working with a psychologist to work on the film, and in the process. Therefore, if pushed, most in one sense: I was struck by Sasha Bortech, which behaved like a real superhero. It is not enough that did all the stunts herself — was climbing from the balcony on the balcony, ran out of the burning bath, she once again showed their skills in a completely different scale. Our first film with her was "my name" where she showed a brave actress willing to erotic and dramatic experimentation, and scenes. "I'm losing weight," she went on incredibly hard, I would say the brutal experience in relation to your body. This is me truly amazed: I understood that we are not just in the entertainment genre we play some trifles, and at least slightly make a great movie.

In fact, many of us asked: "why are you so confuse? Broke the movie into two parts? It was possible to insert graphics here, there's a fat suit, what's the problem?" But Alex Need — Evangelist of the theory of > statements and indicated this on the samples than a Bay from a large number of candidates for the role. So, when we actually re-started the search for the actress, I actually suggested Sasha. She came to casting and we immediately shut down because it became clear that we all do. It is us at the end of trial and said: "Where else can you find a person who will immediately say that he is ready to be Russian McConaughey?" We laughed, and all became clear — we are going to shoot.

"If you'll have a perfect ass, you don't have to be a happy man"


We are only beginning to analyze the so-called sundress, feedback from the audience, but generally people get the message of "love yourself" is much more — they describe this movie as "uplifting", "charging for some positive activities and to look at my life." Moreover, the story about "the dice to fly" there or not. It is quite formal, but at some point the movie just ends. And the whole last part is devoted to another. Seen on stories on instagram, social media posts, the comments on the "MMORPG" that people read this last part, and we're incredibly happy — that was our goal. Because we see ourselves not only as a film company that wants to entertain and earn money, but also as a company that wants to promote a certain type of values. There is a feeling that we get.


Leaving the hall after our movie, girls might remember some of their former ***, I am glad that they are not with them, and know I made the right choice. Of course, some will be inspired in sports. But I really hope that the main idea people still see that even if you have the perfect ass, you don't have to be a happy man.