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In rolling out the drama of the Russian Director Vadim Perelman on the script Daria Gruzevich ("Interns", "Treason") on Muscovite and two rostovchanka who prey on wealthy men. The Duo that made "Treason", returns with a moralistic tale about why a trade is bad and dangerous. The film, first shown at last year's Moscow film festival, has expectedly caused a lively reaction in the audience and shame Alice Taiga. Understand why the "Buy me" perversely works against discrimination and chooses devalues the tone of the conversation about sex work.

"I love orgies, orgies and orgies, the most violent, the most disorderly, the most infamous, and life says: this is not for you, write articles and talks on literature", — reads the letter of Belinsky to the student of Philology Kate Queen. Katya has an overprotective mother who made it herself (but, drum roll, living without a husband) and making big plans for the daughter — clever and beautiful. Lied to mom that she goes to Paris because I won a grant to work in the local library, Kate joins the group of girls in the same airport. "Model Agency" their exports to the Emirates to take in a swimsuit that actually be a cover for having sex with Arab sheikhs.

Educated and privileged Katya suddenly (facepalm number one) will know about it on arrival: Lisa boorish, guests from Rostov, calmly informs her that Sunny vacation you will have to work out merciless sex. Katya is happy with the move in the Arab living room, teasing one of the men, and later stating that she had "period" (facepalm number two) — and hence it is illiquid for sex in these parts. Not suffering for unacceptable trick (facepalm number three), Katia flies to Moscow back with Lisa in her cramped apartment in the five story building on the edge of Moscow. There, huddled in the double bed, Katya, Lisa, and Galya — the third girl in the hunt for a wealthy patron. Arrived in Moscow girl with perfect feet will call a new roommate, "Khodasevich" — from the book of Khodasevich in the hand of Kate, the Queen met with Lisa.

So Kate is lying to my mom on Skype about the weather in Paris and the Eiffel tower outside the window, but actually will spend the next two months in the company of Lisa and Gali. One, working in the showroom for a very interesting salary, out of boredom, sleeping with the boss, and in the evenings trying to get a rich coast. The second tells the story of Gary, who needs to buy her an expensive car and another coat. Katya, who decided to try to escort out of curiosity and a child protest against a strong mother, falls in love with a middle-aged Suren after he raped her on the stairs. Girlfriend in a country of victorious chauvinism condescending look at the educated Muscovite: "You can do better," after having sex with "black" below is nowhere to fall (here it was scary to consider feyspalmy).

Conversations about inequality and injustice in the relationship kept, and the patron greatly advanced since the nineteenth century novels ("the Lady with camellias", "Shine and poverty courtesans") and even "Beauty". But the creators of "Buy me" so used to the Patriarchal optics that working out the local stories about sex work (Sonechka Marmeladova, Nastasya Filippovna, the heroine of "Intergirl"), completely ignoring the context. The film is to understand the target audience rose from his knees Russian cinema, and expected to hang labels on behavior, which in refleksiruyuschim world has long been declared a fluctuation.

To take on sex work in the twenty-first century, you need to have in all respects unconventional thinking — the point is not only to keep from Bazaar sentences from "Let them talk" and condescending posture "poor girls!", but to give a painful true story and additional visual value. A glossy picture of "Buy me" completely devoid of criticism: what is happening with faces, facial expressions, details in the frame, simulates expensive video, turning all the characters into a hollow mannequins.

To remove about sex work in the twenty-first century, you need to have in all senses of unconventional thinking

In the Western film, and not from cowardice, but from the understanding of the problematic topic, movies about sex work are resolved units, and the units they manage. Steven Soderbergh in the movie, and then they produced the TV series "call Girl" (wonderful title of "Girlfriend Experience" is not accidental is not translated into Russian language), keeping an eye on expensive female escorts (actress Sasha grey, as we remember, in reality, a porn star and a fan of film Godard), which is a couple hours at the hotel can receive a weekly salary of some women.

The fundamental point of the series, which traces Soderbergh filmed Amy Seimetz with Riley Keogh, is duality of sex work in relation to corporate violence. The main character, a trainee at a law firm, a hierarchical subjected to humiliation and mechanical taming bosses, getting much less money for the constant psychological pressure in the office. Formal sex work is clearly not of great desire, but rewarded tenfold. "Call girl" gently asks why access to the body, and not psychological violence in the workplace brings about such a generous compensation. And, of course, is the behavior of the main character concepts such as "guilt" and "shame," researching the world of opaque, risky, unsafe and very popular services.

François Ozon, removing "Young and beautiful" works with the theme of sex work, completely removing her from the social factor. Its heroine comes from a good family with supportive parents and a nice school can not say that doing such a thing, because it forced the economy or domestic violence. The Director calls into question the voluntariness and analyzes the distancing of the protagonist from his own body and psychological alienation. That it pushes this step remains unclear until the end — the moral is erased for the specific experience of women, the touch is seeking for itself the boundaries of the acceptable.

The heroine of one of episodes of "Easy" (it's called "Moonlighting"), Joe Swanberg defines himself as a feminist and says that sex work is her way of expression. She writes memoirs and sees himself as an activist in stigmatized professions: she is clearly tired as pity and condemnation. As a professional she is interested in sexual desires and feelings of its customers, communicate with them friendly, has a wide network of support and advice from other escortis and feels safe. Swanberg, trying to understand whether ubersetze of sex work (the second protagonist of the episode — the driver of Uber) and that gives sex its stigma — why sexual contact is not synonymous with the neighborhood in the car and where the coercion and violence in any work.

Ulrich Seidl in "Import/Export" makes the main characters of the women who go into sex work to escape unemployment and the life of the impasse. All of these cases seems to be talking about voluntary choice (as in protagonistic "Buy me"), but are fixed at the issue of redistribution of power and money, and instead of moralistic diagnoses initiate a discussion about the boundaries of physical, political and economic: money as power and source of independence are everywhere.

In contrast to the above cases, the creators of "Buy me" take over "controversial subject" for the sake of its marketability, clearly not knowing what a beehive they put hands. And can be, and knowing — who began his career in Hollywood, Vadim Perelman, who shot debut under the production arm of Steven Spielberg's unlikely I would implement the current project with Hollywood stars in such a scenario during the "Time's Up": the film has all the aesthetic characteristics of the product in the secondary market. "Buy me" takes the discussion thread entirely of gray areas and works with her one-sided and superficial, depriving her of the discussion potential. First, an escort is a subtype of the phenomenon, which has no lexical ambiguity: prostitution or sex work? Women work on a very stable black market of demand and supply, which has a business scheme, explained consumer behavior and the apparent trends.

The material of the Village his vision escort and sex work describe all three parties: the client, the mediator and the woman herself — and they are all recorded on the economic and technical side of the issue, emphasizing potokovoj and dullness of the gray area of human relations. Polar opinions on the legalization of sex work and the criminalization of the client is actively discussed in Russia the last few years. The creators of "Buy me" or don't know about this discussion, or ignore the realistic conditions of the market sex-services — melodramatizing sex work, charge her thick emotions multiply and stereotypes about sex work as "love for money". And most importantly — they do not comprehend the system of supply and demand in which all women are considered expendable.

The fact that the main character falls in love with a man who brutally rapes her on the first date, all the wild that you can take on romantic relationships in 2018 (similar plot twist in "the Portrait in twilight" angelina Nikonova, for example, was visually served completely different). Rape is filmed as an erotic scene, and character during this act stilted reading poetry. We'll learn later that this is the beginning of true love (and unplanned pregnancy) is a rotation from the world of the blockbuster ' 80s or a specific section on pornosayte. Labeled as an outcast because of their age and nationality (hero Suren is a Caucasian man of fifty), "beloved" at the end of the film begins to see and demonstrates the kind of heroic behavior. That mutual attentions are presented as commodity-money relations, it is logical — it is surprising that the authors find in this special romantic grace, a moment of subtle mind games.

"Buy me" works on the technology of victimblaming: we start poking around in a situation dependent and compelled instead to draw attention to the subject and force. The film is not interested in customers, but look only at sex workers is the direct consequence of a culture of violence, which showed itself in the case of Diana Shurygina: dehumanized and reduced to meme (the accused, as we remember, had been conditionally released). In Russia, the current time display lit with dozens of cases of blatant home abuse produced by the freedom of rapists, enormous economic inequality and the overwhelming number of women in low-paid jobs, the writer and Director of "Buy me" depict the main characters as greedy hunters or curious of infantile, whose choice of sex work is driven by easy money and a thirst for adventure.

The authors are not interested in mysterious men who buy them cars and cheating on their wives, they appear somewhere far away and do not know what. The writer does not want to tell you how corrupt officials and managers allow stolen the surplus flats and gifts for women. Nobody cares egregious phenomenon of some real host sex-training affiliated with Russian oligarchs and was a resident of the innovative business project. They don't give any character-male confessional monologue about where I went wrong his parents, he began to see women as second-class citizens.

Social phenomena that are an important part of "voluntary choice" of sex work remain behind the scenes

Politicians and businessmen campaigning for traditional values and not living a completely Puritan life, once again elude us. As if they do not take in the plot of the film and the reality of the market of sex work, all decisions as if they do not make their personal choice — to buy human bodies for his pleasure. Why? Instead of the uncomfortable questions of those in power "Buy me" leaves the audience alone with sentimental escortis about confessions of an imperfect childhood, envy, and boredom with a predictable ending: smart raging, stupid will die.

Social phenomena that are an important part of "voluntary choice" of sex work, behind the scenes — in contrast to the formulaic details of the seduction or "women's wisdom" about the desired happiness. No one character says in the frame on the negative bodily experiences, who has experienced almost every woman in our reality — and that makes paid sex for many is acceptable, because the free women have seen their share of violence and humiliation. If your permanent and ordinary partner wants to have sex against their will, if the husband beats and threatens, if the groom changes, it is not logical to raise rates and the relevant data find a wealthy person who compensates and so existing in a relationship of deceit and abuse large otstupny?

The heroine of "Buy me" don't say sex without pleasure is found among women in relationships is disappointingly often. They have to fake an orgasm and entertain the partner, forgetting about himself. That sex in adolescence and early youth is almost always associated with a serious violation of boundaries and normalized: "mollify" the girl in most situations is part of courtship (and rape under the verses — probably fantasy, which is wamyvani should allow). That the woman after thirty-five, in contrast to men, in Russia begins to earn less, and the only way to a comfortable old age to sensibly invest your youth in career or a man who will feed after fifty. That we are not the social security and gosideologiey became social Darwinism. That fur coat and expensive car does not only have symbolic value, but do change people look at you and removed from the category of socially unapproved of poverty. And that "buy me" not that fair elections in the country, which from a complete lack of sexual culture and literacy dived into the sea of hypocrisy and objectification.

The film, which could explain why between bad and bad free pay sex some girls in Russia choose paid, Yes, and with great risk to life, turned into a monologue from a world of privilege and a sad shake of the head. Distorted honesty and verdict about women, which once again all their troubles to blame themselves.