"And suddenly, the hair will grow": Dangerous hormonal creams and ointments

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Every day the skin is exposed to tremendous effect — your mark can leave almost everything, from water and air to emotional changes. Although the dermatitis, allergic skin reactions or symptoms of psoriasis pose no immediate danger, quality of life and mood, they can thoroughly ruin it. To treat these conditions, doctors often prescribe products that contain hormones, however, these ointments are many people afraid.

Fears in front of them characterized not only by the Russians: the fear of side effects and low awareness among call the main causes of refusal of treatment worldwide. Fear of hormonal creams to dedicate a whole bunch of research, and to measure the extent of this fear develop special tools. Many people think that hormones penetrate the skin and cause irreparable change, from violations of the General background to the growth of body hair. Justified are these fears? In any case, these ointments are necessary and whether they could harm, for example, the growth and development of the child? We asked these questions to the expert.

Maria Marikina

Active substances in hormonal drugs, as a rule, are the corticosteroids (prednisone, hydrocortisone, flumethasone, betamethasone, methylprednisolone and others) are hormones secreted by the adrenal glands to regulate processes in the body. However, any medicine is not only the active component but also the means conducive to its delivery to the right place. For example, there are tablets that dissolve in the stomach — and there are pills with sheath, resistant to gastric acid that dissolves only in the intestine. Same with skin preparations: if you create a contraceptive patch, it is important that hormones are penetrated through the skin and absorbed into the blood, in the manufacture of steroid creams, ointments or lotions manufacturers focus on the fact that the effect was local. This tool allows you to eliminate the itching, pain or swelling, but the absorption of the hormones into the blood (at least in an amount which will give some effect) does not occur.

The problem often faced by the doctors is the number of false information on the Internet. On the one hand, the man worried about something, begins to search for the treatment tips, and as a result, some self-prescribed a hormone treatment, but not those that are needed, or in the incorrect mode. On the other — even those who went to a specialist, start to put the appointment into question, turning again to the articles in the Network. The first rule of the use of hormonal therapy — they should appoint a professional who in the future will follow the treatment.

Many patients are afraid,
because of the hormone cream disturbed menstrual cycle, will grow facial hair
or decrease the effectiveness of contraceptives

Safety and efficacy of steroid anti-inflammatory ointments on the enormous amount of research — and the vast majority of scientists and physicians practicing evidence-based approach, concurs that adequate and careful use of such drugs does not bear any harm and systemic consequences. Special mention deserve the fears of parents before using hormones to treat atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases in children — but when applied intelligently, under the supervision of a physician these ointment will not affect the growth, development, puberty and further the welfare of the child.

Many patients are afraid that because of the hormone cream disturbed menstrual cycle, hair grows on the face or decrease the effectiveness of contraceptives — but with proper prescription of drugs such effects occur. A wrong selection means (for example, if it is too strong) or its dosage may develop steroid dependence — this occurs when the adrenal cortex in response to incoming hormones reduces the production. Another common side effect is atrophy of the skin in which tissues become less sensitive and the dose or power drugs have to improve.
It is important to understand that applying steroid creams and ointments are really connected with some risk — but there they are if you deviate from the treatment regimen. Hormonal funds cannot be used randomly and haphazardly, and abruptly cancel them. It is not necessary to self-medicate — but if the doctor you trust, prescribe such a drug, fear is not necessary.