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WE ASKED STYLISTS WHAT TRENDS WILL be RELEVANT in the next few months. Tell how to adapt them to the Russian climate, on what seasonal things to pay attention to go by, choosing clothes for the spring.

Lera Aguzarova[править]

For me one of the most interesting moments in the spring collections-2018 is a "naked" dresses and transparent clothing. They can be considered a reflection of the time despite the fact that the trend is glimpsed on the runway is not the first time. In the 90s, has been the reductionist approach, in the zero — Frank sexuality, today, like transparent dresses speak for their owners: "I am me. As is".

Transparent clothes can be seen as young and cool Eckhaus Latta with Jacquemus and "classics" Jil Sander, Paco Rabanne and Calvin Klein. Completely different collections and silhouettes, but the "naked" dress somehow represented in each of them. Or if you prefer, translucent pants and blouses, as Adam Selman and Louis Vuitton.

Deliberately devoid of sexual overtones relaxed silhouettes do not cause boudoir associations. Things I want to wear on a hot summer day after swimming in the river or sea. Given the local climate, bathing us can only dream of, so all that remains is to throw over your favorite jacket and continue to dream.

Jeanne Doroftei[править]

The theme of the 90 runs in the major collections of the season: logomaniya, and denim in all variations, and favorite sports clothing and things of exaggerated volumes. Lovely silhouette of spring — the oversized top with leggings or velosipedni (as weather permits). It can be an anorak, a simple sports jacket bright colors or camouflage bomber jacket is anything. The good examples of these combinations can be viewed in the collections of Martine Rose, Vetements, Off-White and Heron Preston.

The title really essential accessory gets a bag to the belt is simple and convenient. Let's see how the same Martin rose offers literally plugging these bags for the belt. If "just" is not your option, feel free to invest in accessories and shoes made of vinyl and plastic. Shoes "in the package" Off-White x Jimmy Choo is not only very beautiful, but also practical.

If you have nothing to hide, you can look at a transparent bag or backpack. Our clients have long had their eye on plastic models of Raf Simons in collaboration with Eastpak, which the designer showed last summer in new York's Chinatown. The perfect compromise — bag created by Heron Preston and Virgil, Able. Inside the transparent construction — the bulk bag. All content can simply be divided between them.

From dozens of sneaker releases this spring I advise you to pay attention to the sneakers, socks Vetements x Reebok — the most comfortable among his own kind.

Julia Katkalo[править]

I am very happy that the minimalism of the 90s and the "male" fit is still with us. Stylish spring wardrobe in my understanding, is a straight jeans, blue shirt with a pointed collar, like Acne Studios, pants suit (Jil Sander, for example), a large beige trench coat with the sleeves rolled up and an emphasis on the waist.

Such a thoughtful minimalism acts as the perfect base for massive earrings (for inspiration or purchase you can contact Céline), string bags, straw bags-baskets-and-white Shoe, which remains relevant in the new season. All these hits can now be found in mass-market and expensive brands.

Light Mikhailyuk[править]

For me one of the most favorite trends this spring is pastel colors. Many brands have chosen for collections of pink, peach, sky blue, lemon. Beautiful examples are from Y/Project, Nina Ricci, Loewe and Topshop Unique. The Russian brand also has decent options, such as osome2some, I AM Studio and Walk of Shame. Think there's nothing better after a long cold winter, than to change all the black and gray colors on bubble gum and cakes.

And this spring you can dress up like a cowboy and remain fashionable. The theme of westerns has appeared in many collections: for example, Versace and R13. Of course, the main reference showing Calvin Klein. My favorite version — white total-bow with the Cossacks. First, it doesn't look theatrical. Second, it is easy to assemble alternative bow in Sedona or the mass market. Third, it's just beautiful.

Spring is a good time for dresses. A lot of options: a floral print, satin, mini, transparent, with fringe or sequins. Another very popular thing this spring will be all sorts of shorts. They can be worn with a romantic blouse and vest as Louis Vuitton, or with a leather jacket for example Off-White and high boots, as the Y/Project.

I hope spring finally returns the sun and you can wear sunglasses. The most beautiful look at Georgian designer George Keburia and Off-White. The mass market is also not lagging behind, however, sunlight inexpensive glasses is unlikely to protect — but the decorative function will perform perfectly.

Olga Kovaleva[править]

This spring (although the spring this weather can be called hard), I want to wear all the bright — tired of mediocrity. Looking forward to when you can try out the trend of crayon colors, then there are things shades of colored pencils. The most interesting look contrasting combinations: pink and yellow, orange and blue. Examples on the catwalk: MSGM, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Aalto. Another trend is the pastels. The most popular, in my opinion, will be green in all shades.

Which spring designers are inspired by the classic trench coat and remake it in his own way. I like the option with bright inserts, like on the show of MSGM. It is a pity that our climate trench coat is more of a summer wear. While not as warm, I choose the coat. This time I buy the classic beige candy pink.

Denim is once again in Vogue, now rather dark shades. Example of total-bow can peek at Dior: jacket, jeans, and even takes on the show were from this material. One of my favorite trends — logomaniya, Hey zero! Now is not ashamed to wear a t-shirt with the name of the brand (e.g. Versace) or pajamas in logos (like Bally).

From the tissues on the warm season fit silk and satin: on the catwalk there were many things with a shiny texture. For example, Roksanda, Vivetta, Peter Pilotto, Gucci. For appearances (although I love things to implement in day to day wardrobe) suitable feathers and fringe. Them this season has been a lot of Nina Ricci, Calvin Klein, Loewe. And sequins — they are with us, not for the first time, but now designers offer to wear them in the daytime, in combination with the simple things. Popular will and shorts, from the classic, like suiting to slinky, knee length. The most interesting example of styling Cycling shorts with a silk dress, it is the original combination can be seen at the Sportmax show.

As for shoes, all, of course, remember the crocs. But as far as they are relevant in everyday life? Look for shoes with a small heel or "ugly" sneakers with solid soles is definitely the hit of the next season. I like bags made from clear plastic. There are good options available in Mango — just like the season, while it is fashionable. A must-have among the accessories — glasses narrow though from the 90s.