What to watch: "Bird box", "bandersnatch" and other important new Netflix

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While we were preparing for new year's celebrations, Netflix has released several high-profile premieres, which many might have missed, looking up from the monitors during the holidays. But now it is already possible. Talk about the new issue of "Black mirror", a mega-popular post-apocalyptic Thriller with Sandra bullock and other important new types of services, which worth the time.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

One of the most talked about pop-culture phenomena of the last two weeks — out of interactive film Netflix, where the audience makes choices for the protagonist and thus change the course of the story. Multivariational actions are not a novelty for television in the Internet age, but given the reputation of Netflix and the TV series "Black mirror", "bandersnatch" was doomed if not in the world of success, at least for public discussion. Viewers "play" as the main character Stephen Butler (Finn Whitehead of "Dunkirk"), a young programmer in 1984, and adapts the fantasy novel "bandersnatch" in a video game. They have 10 seconds to make a choice for the hero, or the movie make the choice himself. The average duration of the series — 90 minutes although it can last for 40 minutes and 2.5 hours. For fans of the game there are even the so-called ending-"Easter eggs" — to reach them you have to try very hard (or just follow the instructions on passing series, which is fully online).

Derry Girls

Despite the fact that the first series of "the Girls of Derry" was officially released back in January of last year, the universal popularity of the project has brought a December appearance on Netflix. This Northern Irish sitcom about the lives of friends-teenagers in the 90-ies (the end of the conflict in Northern Ireland) became the most popular series at home in the history of modern TV and has been renewed for a second season immediately after the airing of the first episode. The series was written by Lisa McGee — screenwriter and playwright who was born and raised in Derry. How to write a film critic Alison rowat: "Everyone, including dogs on the street, telling me about how great the "Girls of Derry". I turned on the TV and learned that everyone was right".

Bird box

The movie sensation of late last year, which broke all ratings hits on Netflix in the first week, it saw 45 million people and spawned a huge number of memes and even a dangerous mob. The Apocalypse has come. Lost almost everything. One of the few survivors, the main character Mallory in the performance of Sandra bullock, trying to find the other lucky winners, but for this it is necessary to raft on a mountain river with two small children. The probability of survival in all three there is only one condition — if they will not remove the bandages from his eyes. Because everyone else died due to the fact that on the Earth the monsters came from, looking at which people commit suicide. Holding in a hefty two-hour suspense Thriller directed by Susanne bier, for those who do not have enough period of a "quiet place".


Another series that, despite the exit on TV channel Lifetime last September, got his moment of glory after appearing on Netflix under the curtain of 2018 and we even got a note "Netflix Original" — that is specified as a series of their own production. The first season of "You" based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes and tells the employee of the bookstore Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgly, Dan from "Gossip girl"), who falls in love with one of the buyers, and quite quickly it becomes clear that the feeling is more like an obsession. The series is already renewed for a second season in explanation of the second novel Kepnes "Hidden bodies".

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

First, half the world is obsessed with Marie Kondo in connection with the release of her book "Magical housekeeping. The Japanese art of restoring order at home and in life" — it became a bestseller in Japan and Europe. People were thrown out of their homes bags of things, not forgetting to tell each of them before doing this "thank you", and learned to fold the remaining clothes so that its always visible. Now Marie came a second wave of popularity, and she conquered the rest of the audience: on Netflix came vosmiseriynogo season in which Condo helps American families with cluttered homes to restore order on their own method Konmari. A fascinating spectacle, after watching the first series you want to immediately run to your closet and throw out everything.