What to buy in the spring: 10 new tools to care

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The off-season, especially the transition from winter to spring is a nice opportunity to rebuild the treatments and try the new tools: the nutrient dense textures can already be replaced by lightweight, powerful serum on any sunscreen, and myself and friends to give not only effective, but also entertainment products. Choose a worthy new products for body care, face and hair.
Essence for smooth tone and radiance of the skin Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Brightening & Soothing Treatment Water

3600 RUB.

The brand has released a line of great vehicles Clearly Corrective — light texture, suitable for quick use, and thorough multi-stage care, and very powerful compositions. In essences, which successfully replace the toner and will complement the moisturizer contains vitamin C, which we sing odes: after a couple weeks of regular use, the skin looks fresher and smoother. She perfectly prepares the face for the subsequent make — up liquid already contains a small amount of reflective particles. No mandatory precautions the product does not require (although sunscreen has not been canceled!). Does that not suggest to bet the Bank on the surface, which get the sun's rays — enjoy holographic shimmering bottle in the bathroom.
Alginate masks Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot

970 RUB.

The masks can mix serum and alginate paste, is a new playful format of proven best-seller. Interfere need the included spatula directly in the glass, and then apply the resulting mix to the face and allow yourself to relax in twenty minutes definitely will see the result. Four options for different tasks — hydration, radiance, giving the skin elasticity and softening, and the compositions is not a toy components, such as alpha lipoic acid and the antioxidant glutathione. To retain this effect after using, I suggest immediately after the procedure, apply a favorite moisturizer.
Bath bomb Lush "Madam President"

450 RUB.

Among spring novelties Lush bath appeared bright bomb, in a company where you can celebrate female solidarity (however, I think that it is a holiday for each day). This, of course, the atmosphere of the White house, and fireworks in honor of victory: citrus smell is accompanied by a beautiful pink-and-blue splotches with glitter. What you need to start or end a long weekend.
Moisturizing leave-in spray for hair Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray

800 RUB. First of all I want to mention a pleasant herbaceous lavender scent of this spray but has many useful advantages. The tool can be used for extra conditioning after a shower and apply before brushing, it is designed for dry hair. The sad effects of winter survival will not eliminate, but will help to give the hair Shine and softness, and at the same time will minimize new damage. Together with covering will be a great (ascetic and fast) care for hard curly hair and not weigh down, but successfully removes the accompanying dehydration fluffiness.

=== Soft foam cleanser Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam ===

920 RUB.

Among all the possible means for the face we recognize as soft and neutral, and fit this category of new products for spring arrived once more. From seeking natural brand Weleda came foam with witch hazel extract, which, despite its non-corrosive nature, tough night to cope with the unstable make-up, and with the required purification. Sensitive skin should be checked for content in the medium of essential oils, but for oily prone may be the best choice: easy and pleasant to unpleasant dryness and does not disrupt the natural the production of sebum with daily use.

=== Gel-care La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash ===

1150 RUB. In addition, this Toleriane nominally intended for delicate care of skin prone to atopy, but will be a good purchase for anyone who is faced with dehydration. Very economical and thoughtful means with the pump: the portions obtained after a single tap is enough for entire face and neck, and in the exclusively peaceful Niacinamide and panthenol. Makeup before washing it is better to remove a proven remedy, and then take on a gel, which also will forgive you a moment of laziness, suddenly deadly if you do not want to apply the rest of the nursing Arsenal: "washroom" leaves the lipid barrier of the skin intact and allow you to survive the night without a cream.

=== Serum primer REN Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas ===

4010 RUB For some time the means of REN, successfully balancing between the organic concept and effective compounds have completely disappeared from quick offline access, but promised to return. To restart in Russia brought a new line of products for body Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium and serum Perfect Canvas, which is proposed to wear as a base under makeup. She is such a role, however, will be performed on all skin types — first is a convenient to use and perfectly hydrating serum oil free and silicone in the composition, which is well suited for daily use to owners prone to oily, but dehydrated in the offseason of the skin.

=== Face oil Aesop Parsley Seed

Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment ===

3430 RUB Stylish Australian brand is not the first year known to the Russian consumer, and this year opened in TSUM is now a pleasant texture, you can try before purchasing. Again for natural compounds and a generous content of essential oils is not suitable for sensitive skin prone to irritation, but then praise of those who are looking after the first trial: softens the skin, without problems absorbed, without conflicting with makeup. If banks still draw, suggest to draw attention to the similar means of the line of damask rose that contain components with greater neutrality.

Toning bath foam and shower Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate

1140 RUB.

Not a great new tool for taking a bath has got a convenient packaging with a pump, which means a more economical rate. Oily gel smells good, what is good to create an air of the clouds of foam, but for the ten minute morning shower is also nice: a few drops are enough for cleansing the whole body. This means slightly cools the skin, therefore more suitable for revival, but he has a relaxing version of chamomile.
Antioxidant serum Biotherm Skin Strengthening Concentrate Oxygen

4255 RUB. Another "sea" series of Biotherm this time promises effect based but the properties of the extract of Chlorella algae is a substance works as an antioxidant by activating the same glutathione. Dense serum instantly softens the skin, and in the long run, as any good products with antioxidants decreases the effects of unpleasant interactions with the environment: eliminates traces of fatigue and makes your waiting for the first signs of heat, the skin a little smoother.