The main achievements of women in the Olympics 2018

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Yesterday ended in Pyeongchang the Olympic games. The competition this year was rich in achievements of women — from Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva from Russia, who took an Olympic medal to the Kenyan skier Sabrina Simader who came to the event accompanied only by mom and coach. Tell who to pay attention to.

Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva Sagitova[править]

Perhaps the most important (for the Russian audience for sure), the opposition between these Olympics: eighteen-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva and fifteen-year-old Alina Sagitova desperately fought for the gold medal. At the event in Pyeongchang, they set three world records in the short program: February 11, Medvedev scored 81,06 points, then Feb 21, broke his own record, having already 81,61 points, and ten minutes after that, he was interrupted Sagitova, received 82,92 points. In the end, the gold still went to Zagotovki — Medvedev took second place with a margin of 1.31 points. Alina is the second in the history of the youngest skater ever to hold the first place in women's figure skating at the Olympics: the first was a fifteen-year-old American Tara Lipinski in 1998. It is worth noting and complex program Sagitova and signature cascade "triple Lutz-triple loop".

Anna Gasser[править]

Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser became the first ever athlete won a gold medal in big air is a discipline included in the Olympic games this year alone. In addition to his Gasser also acts slopestyle, but she was less fortunate this year she was the fifteenth. The competition in Pyeongchang is already for her second Olympic games in 2014, she came to Sochi, where he competed in slopestyle, but because of the fall, was ranked tenth.

Marit Bjoergen[править]

This year tridtsatisemiletny Norwegian skier Marit bjoergen became the most decorated athlete in the history of the winter Olympic games. In Pyeongchang she won prizes in all the competitions, which were: cross-country skier won two gold medals (marathon and relay), one silver (skiathlon) and two bronze (race ten kilometers and team sprint). She is fifteen Olympic medals: eight gold, four silver and three bronze. The previous record for number of medals in the winter Olympics belonged to her compatriot OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, on account of which thirteen Olympic medals. She bjoergen plans to retire: "When I look at what I did, the experience was incredible. My career has developed in an amazing way; this is my last Olympic games, and finish them — just unbelievable."

Mirai Nagasu[править]

Skater Mirai Nagasu this year only got a bronze medal in the team competition but he became the first ever American athlete who performed a triple Axel at the Olympics. The jump from triple-a turnover — one of the most difficult elements in figure skating, which is traditionally considered "male" (American figure skater Adam Rippon at the same competition performed it twice). Women do it very rarely: at the Olympics to Nagasu is a Japanese-made athletes Midori ito and Mao Asada, and first American, showed it to international competitions, was Tonya Harding. What can I say as this is an important event, it is clear on the face of the miray after the speech.

The take care of him Adigun, Akuma Magoga and Ngozi Onwumere[править]

In 2018 at the Olympics for the first time made Nigerian women to them neither men, nor women from the country in the winter Games did not participate. Represented the country bobsleistki the take care of him Adigun, Akuma Magoga and Ngozi Onwumere — all three live in the US, but in favor of his native country. The take care of him Adigun participated in the Olympics before, but in the summer: in 2012, she participated in the race for a hundred meters hurdles. The idea to organize a national team bobsled came to her. First, all three trained on makeshift wooden Bob, then moved on to the more serious level. In 2016, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign to qualify and go to the Games; they also helped sponsors. To win medals in Pyeongchang, they have failed, but it is not important.

This is not the only female team of bobsleistam from a country that does not normally participate in the winter competitions. This year for the Games first went to Jamaican athletes (men's team Jamaica bobsled participated in the winter Olympics twenty years ago, in 1998). However, the performance was under threat: a few days before the start left the national team coach, is unhappy that her role in the training of athletes have changed (instead of the trainer it was made by the analyst), and took the only sled team for which, according to her, carries a legal liability. Fortunately, all ended well: the beer company paid for the Jamaican team new Bob.

Sabrina Simader[править]

Sabrina Simader — the first skier from Kenya, who spoke on the Olympics and the only athlete representing the country in competitions. Nineteen-year-old athlete was born in Kenya but lives in Austria — she was trained by my stepfather, owner of a ski lift. Simader calls himself a "snow leopard" and performs at competitions in the appropriate form.

Presentation by Sabrina Simader at the Olympic games cannot be called successful, but it is an important moment in the history of the country and to her at the Olympics were only one skier, Philip Bojt. In addition, unlike other teams, along with Simader in South Korea only went to two people: mother and coach. The athlete says that faced with stereotypes, but hopes to persuade all: "at First people were surprised at me — okay, skiers of African origin always attracts the attention, but eventually, when you are all better, they start to treat you seriously".

Esther Ledezma[править]

Esther Ledezma from Czech Republic became the first athlete competing for both the ski and the snowboard. It would have been enough to leave a mark in history, but Ledecky went further and took the gold in two disciplines (again, for the first time in history): February 17, ski mountaineering, and on 24 February in snowboarding. All this is even more impressive when you consider that Ledecky considers himself first and foremost a snowboarder (though training for both sports), and have never won in international ski competitions. According to the girl, she was shocked and didn't expect to win, on learning that she was the first, she turned to her mother and asked, "How did this happen?" To celebrate she went to KFC.

"From the beginning, many people told me: "You can't do both, and others, you need to choose one or the other, otherwise you will never achieve high results," she says. — I said, "No, I want to do both, and others, and if you have a problem with that, I need another trainer because I'm going to act.