Russian brand "Sprat on a horse": the basic clothes are cool colors

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In the CATEGORY "NEW BRAND" we represent young designers and tell them where and why you should buy their stuff. Our heroine this week — Anna Polyakova from Krasnodar, responsible for the brand "Sprat on a horse." On the trivial name of the girl was inspired by Hemingway's story.

Sprat on a horse[править]

Anna Polyakova — a young designer from Krasnodar. Creating your own brand it was a few years: after studying at the art school and the Krasnodar University of culture and arts Polyakova has worked for an external company to gain knowledge and experience to run their business. In September 2017 the girl took up a personal project and called it "a Sprat on a horse": "anyone who has read Hemingway's novel "For whom the bell tolls", will immediately understand where it came from". The impetus for the creation of the brand were the friends of the designer: "it All started with the fact that someone from the friends liked the stuff I made myself, and they wanted me to do them the same. Then they talked about me to their friends. In General, the demand creates supply".

Anna seriously the problem of overproduction of things: "Each time, working on the creation of a new model, I ask myself the question: "Could this thing be inherited?" If the answer is "Yes", then it is something worthwhile". She would like to wear brand was timeless dress with a sharp collar, loose jackets and coats due to the simplicity certainly will be relevant in ten years: "Now so many things, all so cool that it becomes uninteresting. Everyone has some kind of conceptual idea. In fact, fashion passes quickly."

In the nearest plans of "Sardines on a horse" — launch site and range extension. While the same brand stuff you can buy by writing directly on instagram.