My body is a 3D printer: Why do people post photos of childbirth in instagram

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Social media has become a place of struggle for the right to speak on taboo topics: in the last couple of years we have seen flash mobs designed to draw attention to the amount of violence in a Patriarchal world, invisible to others depression and that the presence of Breasts with nipples and your period is perfectly normal especially women, in whom there is nothing dirty or indecent. Pregnancy and childbirth is another normal aspect of life, around which there are many taboos, so on instagram there are more accounts dedicated to the emergence of a child into the world.

From time to time there appear reports that the pictures were labelled as "shocking" and removed — and now that instagram allows you to publish multiple photos in one post, their authors often make the first frame a warning about the content "is not for the faint of heart". On the other hand, childbirth is clearly not the most shocking thing you can see on instagram; the network has, for example, extremely popular accounts of the forensic medical expert (almost half a million subscribers), or cleaning the crime scene (closed account).

Of course, no matter how outrageous photos of birth may seem to some people in social networks since the days of "Live journal" the rule "don't read" — but the same time to any caller or objectionable content gets a lot of comments from perturbations. But each discipline has its own audience, and photos of genera are published, not in order to shock the nervous public. It is primarily about the normalization of this part of life through which is certainly held every single person — we are all "there" was.

Against lock is dedicated to the birth of the accounts and delete the photos started a petition, and the publication of photos of birth without censorship voted for more than twenty thousand people. The author of the petition, Katie vigos, said that her goal is to tell women the truth about how to proceed childbirth: "Instagram continues to relate the birth of the child to the offensive content, along with violence and pornography... Is a continuation of the social taboos still surrounding childbirth and affect our ability to publish truthful pictures. While instagram is a powerful platform that can provide people with free information, education and resources."

Many people still don't know how the child is born, so that the photo stories can help pregnant women and their partners to prepare for childbirth[править]

The accounts dedicated to the birth, is the glorification of bodypositive in the truest sense. Happy moments — it is in these photos where no one is posing, where the Pope cry when they first saw their babies, where mom's make-up free and tired, where the children have still got swelling after a long stay in the aquatic environment. This live emotions, tears of joy or uncontrollable laughter from euphoria. Some photographers generally devote more effort trying to convey the emotional intensity of the moment and the excitement of the whole family, not physiological aspects. This is a truly unique moments when a mother first learns how her child looks like or even what gender it is.

Though physiology is also important — not least because many people still can not imagine how a child comes into the world, but hearing a phrase like "tridtsatimetrovy childbirth", I think that takes so much time directly "out" of the child through the vagina. Even women themselves do not always know, for example, that after the child and even the placenta — and indeed could not imagine what it is. With education about our own bodies and ongoing processes of the case until the situation is bad — and the unknown seems embarrassing or intimidating. So that the photo stories can help pregnant women and their partners to prepare for childbirth — not replacing, of course, consultations with doctors or midwives.

The female body in these moments far away from conventional representations of beauty but can there be "ugly" appearance of new life?[править]

Instagram is becoming a business tool for photographers who spetsializiruyutsya on shooting the birth. This is a separate art: reportage photography, where you have to adapt to the existing lighting and be unobtrusive, not interfering with the doctors to do their job, and family to experience a complex range of feelings. If during pregnancy a woman subscribes to the relevant accounts, the likely she will want the same photos and what could be easier than to write to the authors directly any photos?

An honest conversation about childbirth is the best way to reduce the associated fear and anxiety. Yes, the female body in these moments far from conventional notions of beauty — but can be "ugly" appearance of new life? As one of our heroines, "this body, like a 3D printer, I printed a totally awesome boy is awesome." In the end, those who are these pictures seem repulsive, you can simply not watch — but it would be better to think why they are so frightening.