Lilies of the valley and thunderstorms: Best spring fragrances up to 5000 rubles

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With the coming of spring changes the aromatic palette around, and in my own closet, I want to add a smell that will blend into the atmosphere. Our perfume critic Ksenia Golovanova chose seven really spring scents, which easily change the mood — and are sane money.

The Smell of Weather Turning[править]

2800 RUB.

30 ml

"The weather changes" — one name is enough for all Byronic nature, winter, miss not so much the heat, as in storms, pricked their noses. The Smell is cleverly built on two chords, which create a potential difference between the points of this fragrant fields of spring and green: first — creosote, oily dirt and last year's leaves warmed by the spring sun, the second — menthol, camphor smells of wild herbs. No application Relax Melodies will not replace the may rain, but The Smell of Weather Turning — can: in today's perfumes more deep and flavourful puddles.

Eau des Jardins[править]


1170 RUB.

for 100 ml

In addition to the serums, creams, blushes and lip glosses Clarins produces unexpectedly convincing aromatherapy products: the collection of the brand, for example, there is a great range of Relax, which smells of Basil and petitgrain — leaves and young twigs of the bitter orange, and the famous Eau Dynamisante, crammed with essential oils water combines the functions of care and spirits (this is a classic chypre). Eau des Jardins is of the same chimeric genre — it moisturizes, but mostly smells and great if you're looking for green, fruit and black currant rose in the spirit of classic Diptyque L'ombre dans l'eau, but for less money, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

L'eau de Chloé[править]

1999 RUB.

30 ml

Here is a rare example of a Flanker that came out better than the original: if the Chloé 2008 almost unrecognizable in a host of other "luxury" of rose syrup lychee, like the witch in the circle Gogol drowned, L'eau, released four years later — elegant green chypre with a rose in his buttonhole. Sparkling the top of hisses and shoots sparks lemonade, almost bubbling on the skin; barely shot as peppery-citrus freshness gives way to a large and skillfully shaded rose, which dragged a beautiful, slightly bitter chypre trail. The flavor is either not in demand or are about to be discontinued: in most chain stores wonderful "Water" sold for a penny.

Le Monde Est Beau[править]

from 3592 RUB.

50 ML

Le Monde Est Beau (not to be confused with Ça Sent Beau in a similar bottle) appeared in the mid-1990s — the Golden age of perfumery Kenzo, passionate about large forms from the biology textbook. About the same time came, rather, with a wild roar rolled out on a green lane Trinity Jungle, eventually surviving, not entirely: "Tiger" managers of the company have shot up in the early 2000s, leaving only a couple of "Elephants".

Le Monde Est Beau, however, kept — to the delight of fans present, not candied perfume of grapefruit and natural tomato leaves, has not yet realized the separation from the ground. Green scent with a recognizable tinge of a country greenhouse.


from 4241 RUB.

60 ML

There are two "Crystal" eau de toilette and perfume, we write about the first. He came out in the mid-1970s, but its herbal freshness since not lost: all citrus and pale flowers the first Cristalle covered by a translucent green, like a precious picture in the store — silk screen protecting the honey glow of the Renaissance. Sultry, peach floral toilet water of the same name, but fundamentally different olfactory profile Chanel is probably released in order to Cristalle green, voiced — bought not only in the spring.

Un Jardin Mystique[править]


395 RUB.

70 ml

In this section we have repeatedly called perfumer Bertrand Duchafour a rock star fragrant world (if not in words, to myself for sure), the man who set the standard for many genres of perfume, and a couple last, and all came up with what is called in one tube. Being a star, Duchaufour regularly receives from customers large or potentially chipofya topics: loud ladany, telepathie roses, exotic wood and all kinds of strange flowers you will not find in "the glass house" on the corner, all this he manages perfectly. What makes Duchaufour, in order to everyday Lily of the valley, even growing up in a "mysterious garden"? Gives it an electric charge and saturates garden lightning air ozone. Water, mint, spicy smell of Oxalis, underfoot Champs spring earth.

Les Amoureux de Peynet[править]


from RUB 2880

FOR 100 ML

In the 1950s and 1960s French graphic artist Raymond Payne has created a universe of "Lovers", which consisted of hearts, doves and pavilions; at the sight of his drawings in modern man there arises a desire to hand over blood on sugar, but in post-war Europe these simple codes of happiness and appeal to the inner life — as opposed to external, war-torn, — was read quite differently. It is unknown why the company Molinard decided to devote the next flavor that in General a vintage history, but the composition turned out quite timeless: smells like a classic French cocktail of Alsatian Cremant and tea with verbena, ordered at the bar a moment later, after text messages about the salary.