How to raise the level of testosterone in men?

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How to raise the level of testosterone in men?

Impotence, weight loss, causeless fatigue, apathy and even gynecomastia (breast augmentation in men) can all be the result of low testosterone levels.

When a deficiency of this main male hormone is found, people immediately rush to the pharmacy, buy pills, the effect of which is aimed at enhanced production of the hormone. However, you should not rush into this, because synthetic drugs often lead to side effects.

The solution to the problem can be found by referring to popular recipes. Therefore, today we will look at how to increase testosterone in men with folk remedies.

Causes of Testosterone Reduction[править]

The main reasons for the decrease in male hormone in descending order:

  • Age - the older a person becomes, the lower the amount of testosterone he produces. After 40 years, the level of the hormone drops by 15%, and after 50 years it can decrease by another 20%. The maximum level of the main male hormone is observed at the age of 18-30 years . Then there is a smooth (sometimes sharp) decrease in testosterone by 1–2% per year.
  • Bad habits.
  • Bad food.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Soaps, body lotions, household chemicals, deodorants, plastic utensils - all of these things contain bisphenol - a substance that lowers testosterone levels. Therefore, it is desirable to reduce the use of these items in everyday life.

How to raise the level of testosterone in men: the basic rules[править]

To increase the level of this hormone, you need to adhere to a number of rules:

  • Eat right.
  • Do sport.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Normalize sleep and wakefulness.
  • To lead a regular sex life.
  • Strengthen the body.

Help to quickly increase testosterone in men will help watching erotic films.

Effect of sleep on testosterone levels

Still do not know how to increase testosterone at home in a natural way? Many men just need to get enough sleep, and not work for days, relaxing only 3 hours a day.

Proper sleep and wakefulness is very important for men's health. During sleep, the maximum concentration of sex hormones, including testosterone, occurs in the human body. That is why, waking up in the morning, many men experience an erection.

And now think what happens to the male body, if he gets up early, does not get enough sleep? Sex hormones simply can not, do not have time to develop for a short rest, in the future they become less and less.

Therefore, in order not to experience all the difficulties of low testosterone, you need to:

  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  • Provide normal conditions in the room: sleep in silence, in a well-ventilated bedroom.
  • Go to bed no later than 12 pm

How to overcome stress and prevent the decline of testosterone?

During the constant emotional stress caused by conflicts at work, quarrels in the family, failures in professional activities, stress hormones are constantly produced in the body. Those, in turn, lead to the release of cortisol - a substance that neutralizes testosterone.

In order not to lower the level of this hormone, you must learn to control yourself. In overcoming stress situations will help / will help:

  • sport;
  • breathing exercises;
  • gymnastics;
  • the ability to protect from negative situations;
  • walking (slow walk in the fresh air);
  • counseling psychologist.

Nutrition rules to increase testosterone

If you have no desire to have sex, you feel constant fatigue, weakness, then, most likely, your testosterone level has decreased.

In most cases, to raise the level to normal levels will help proper nutrition.

Below is a ranking of the most popular and effective products to increase testosterone.

1st place: sea fish. It contains a large amount of zinc, contributing to enhanced hormone production. Especially useful to eat perch, salmon, herring, anchovy, sardines.

2nd place: walnuts. They contain a lot of zinc, phosphorus, vitamin E. These substances contribute to the production of testosterone, stimulate sexual ascent, charge a man with energy, fight against sexual impotence. To enhance the effect, walnuts should be eaten with honey.

3rd place: berries. Cranberries, blueberries, watermelon, raspberries - these berries stimulate the production of a hormone.

4th place: fresh fruits and vegetables. To arouse a sexual desire in a man, to give him confidence, to improve reproductive abilities will help such foods: broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, avocado, grapes, pomegranate, orange, plum, dates.

5th place: greens. In parsley, cilantro, spinach, onions, garlic a lot of zinc, responsible for the production of testosterone.

Knowing now that you need to eat for men's health, you can prevent a decrease in testosterone. But, in addition to the use of the above products, you need to follow the principles of healthy eating:

  • Do not overeat.
  • There are often, but in small portions.
  • Drink more water.
  • To refuse from bad habits.
  • Dinner 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Give up testosterone-lowering foods.
What foods can reduce testosterone? These products include salt, sugar, caffeine, white bread, full-fat milk, vegetable oil, and carbonated drinks.

The best supplements for raising testosterone in the blood[править]

If you do not know how to increase testosterone in the body of a man without drugs, then we will help you.

After all, there are a large number of natural additives, through which you can raise the level of the hormone. Read about the most effective supplements below.


Turmeric propertiesOur ancestors knew about the effect of this spice, they were sure that turmeric increases sexual desire, fights various diseases in men, increases potency .

Scientists conducted an experiment and concluded that after applying this spice in men, the pressure in the genital tissues rises rapidly.

They also found that with regular use of spices, the level of estrogen in the male body decreases, and this contributes to increased testosterone production.

Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance that increases the level of the hormone testosterone, which helps to quickly burn subcutaneous fat . Besides the fact that spice boosts testosterone, it also has other properties:

  • normalizes hormones;
  • improves sperm quality;
  • helps to increase libido;
  • prevents the risk of prostatitis.

To increase testosterone, it is enough to add spice to various dishes every day . You can also mix the spice with water (1 teaspoon of powder per 200 ml of warm water) and drink a drink immediately. Take such a folk remedy 2 times a day for 2 months.


This supplement is a non-hormonal agent, its action is aimed at increasing the production of your own testosterone, and not at receiving it from the outside . It is this drug and differs from pharmacy drugs.

Natural remedy "Tribulus" is intended not only for athletes who gain muscle mass, but also for ordinary men. With this supplement you can:

  • improve ejaculate production;
  • increase erection;
  • improve the quality of sex;
  • increase overall physical activity.

It is necessary to take the additive "Tribulus" from 1 to 3 months, then be sure to take a break for 2-3 months .

If you do not maintain the interval between the courses, then complications can appear - the body will forget how to independently produce the required amount of testosterone, and the person will eventually develop a habit.

Treatment aimed at increasing testosterone is not shown to everyone. Only a doctor can tell whether a person needs to take hormones or not. After all, many pharmaceutical drugs inhibit the production of their own hormones and even lead to prostate cancer.

Royal jelly

This product of beekeeping actively stimulates the production of testosterone, improves the process of spermatogenesis, the quality of seminal fluid, increases the speed of movement of spermatozoa . If a man is fertile, he will surely be helped by royal jelly.

It is produced in the glands of young bees to feed the uterus. That, thanks to royal jelly, grows more than other bees, lives the longest and retains its reproductive abilities to the end. Similarly, royal jelly acts on men.

To increase testosterone is enough to take 20-30 mg per day . In some cases, the dosage of royal jelly can be increased. But this question needs to be discussed previously with the doctor.

Royal jelly can be purchased at the pharmacy or via the Internet . The substance is produced in the native form, honey mixture, as well as in the form of capsules, tablets and granules.

To preserve men's health after 50, 60 years, you should always wake up in a good mood, enjoy every day, try to realize your plans, live a rich, vibrant life.

How to increase testosterone? Herbs will come to the rescue[править]

Knowing how to increase testosterone in men in natural ways, you can not only maintain the health of a loved one, but also prevent the negative effects of a hormone deficiency: prostatitis, hypertension, nervous disorders, obesity, and more.

Of the methods of traditional medicine, herbs have become widespread in the treatment of male problems. We are in a hurry to share with you the proven recipes of traditional medicine.

Eleutherococcus Root

It contributes to the rapid increase in the natural hormone testosterone.

It is necessary to grind the root of the plant, the resulting raw material pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes.

Strain and drink in the form of heat 150 ml 2 times a day.

If it was not possible to find the root of Eleutherococcus, then you can buy tincture with this plant in a pharmacy.


This plant is a real male aphrodisiac . Due to the rich composition of Hypericum leads to an instant increase in the amount of testosterone, causes a rush of blood to the phallus.

You need to take 15 grams of Hypericum, pour 200 ml of water over them, boil for 20 minutes over low heat. After that, cover with a lid, put in a warm place, soak for 40 minutes.

Take the infusion is necessary up to 6 times a day and 1 tablespoon before meals.

Ginger Root

This plant fills the male body with vitality and tone .

It is able to rapidly increase blood circulation in the genitals, lead to an increase in the amount of testosterone, increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

You can simply add every day shredded root of this plant in the tea.

It is also recommended to take ginger with honey.

Yakorets creeping

Juice from this plant stimulates the production of testosterone, fights estrogenic toxins in the body, restores the level of the main male hormone, without at the same time exaggerating the amount of this hormone in the blood.

From the creeping yankortsa, it is necessary to prepare medicinal broth: 1 tablespoon of herbs, pour 250 ml of boiling water, put in a water bath (holding time - 30 minutes), strain, bring volume to the original value with boiled water. Take half or half a glass of tea up to 4 times a day before meals.

Now you know how to increase testosterone in a natural, natural way. As you can see, you can do without drugs.

The main thing - during the treatment to comply with all the recommendations of a specialist, to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical activity . And then do not have to think about the problems with potency, erection.

Eliminating the provoking factors that reduce testosterone, you raise the level of the main male hormone.