How to make a house more comfortable: 10 spring purchases

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In the spring I want to become more energetic, more fresh air and just to do something useful. Regardless of whether it managed in January to start your new year's resolutions, now is the time to improve habits. We chose ten objects and classes, which will help to make the home more comfortable, improve sleep and mood — and thus a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Subscribe to flowers[править]

Fresh flowers — excellent interior decoration: they smell good and contribute to the spring mood like nothing else. Most importantly — choose a convenient place for the vase, so that if the fall didn't hurt, such as a laptop. To all the time not to run to the nearest stall, you can immediately subscribe and get a fresh bouquets every week.

Humidifier air diffuser[править]

In dry climates a humidifier is an essential piece for comfort of the skin, eyes and throat. In some humidifiers, you can add aromatic oil and then with water vapor in the room will spread your chosen scent. The main thing — not to add too much oil and to regularly ventilate the room to not get a headache instead of the desired relaxation.

Mini-garden with herbs[править]

The easiest way (and sometimes the only possible, for example in a rented apartment) to make housing more environmentally friendly is a General cleaning and an increase in the number of plants in pots. While landscaping can be not only decorative, but also practical, if home grown mint, Basil, rosemary and other herbs that are useful in the kitchen. Not to make the window sill in separate pots, you can use a set for growing from seven plants, with a special lamp and remote control.

Mini-lights on the Velcro[править]

If earlier about the lighting in the closet need to think at the stage of repair, drilling walls and laying cables, which means that now this problem is solved effortlessly and without tools, just buy a small LED-lamp and glue them in place. They are activated by a tap of a finger or react to the movement (opening a door) and give enough light to save time when choosing clothes or not to squint, trying to find something in the kitchen cupboard.

A simple timer on the magnet[править]

It would seem that the timers have become obsolete with the advent of smartphones — but in reality, twist the dial to the desired value faster and easier than every time open the app. The timer is fixed on any metal surface, will help to pinpoint the time to stand up and stretch, do exercises for the eyes or to stop hanging out on Facebook and get back to work. If you, as the author of this text, the ability to burn to coal even simple buckwheat, forgetting about it — the timer will be indispensable.

A comfortable working chair[править]

If you spend a lot of time at your Desk, you should think about back health: a long stay in a sitting position — a major risk factor of intervertebral hernias and other back problems. When selecting a new chair it makes sense to study the ratings and, of course, try to sit in the right options. A good chair is expensive, but will be with you for many years. Another option — the so-called chair — posture corrector, which should be discussed with your doctor. But to sit on the fitness ball during work — not a good idea: although it really helps to use your back muscles and the press, arms and shoulders be left without support.

Unusual embroidery[править]

Needlework is a great way to spice up fine motor skills and thinking, while promoting the formation of neural connections in the brain. Besides, it's a nice break from the screen, but eyes will still be tense (take care of good lighting). Simultaneously with the embroidery you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks or just to relax and to perceive this activity as meditation. If you like the process, but it was always unclear where then do with the traditional embroidered flowers announce that now you can find a lot of patterns for embroidery to suit every taste, including bodypositive drawings or feminist quotes.

Organizers for wires[править]

No matter how the developers try to make all devices wireless still does not work — and those that transmit data over the air, need charging from the electrical outlet or USB port. The wires on the floor or under the table increase the risk to hold on to, contribute to the accumulation of dust and just annoying — but you can reduce it all to a minimum, using the organizers. The most simple variant — a box with holes, into which is placed the main mass of wires (e.g., watching television). On the lower surface of the desktop can be glued lock, which will not allow wires to hang in the air, and on the nightstand beside the bed will come in handy a single Velcro attachment — then the cable from the smartphone will not fall on the floor.

Pillow with memory effect[править]

We often talk about the importance of sleep hygiene: go to bed better at the same time, the curtains should be dark pajamas comfortable (best sleep in the Nude), and bed linen fresh. Cushion is better to choose synthetic fillers natural often cause allergies, and are a great breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Among the synthetic pillows also have better and worse — and best of all those that are filled with a latex or foam shape memory; they are more expensive than normal, but not deformed much longer, so it will be a good investment in your health.

Convenient containers for products[править]

To clean the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, it makes sense to buy not one or two, and a couple of dozen containers, preferably are the same and interchangeable covers. In them you can store cereals and pasta, sweets or cooked food — but most importantly, they help to organize space and save time. If you want to reduce the use of plastic — choose glass containers. The foil for wrapping sandwiches, too, there are eco-friendly alternative — reusable wraps made of cotton impregnated with beeswax.