How to cure syphilis folk remedies

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How to cure syphilis folk remedies

Syphilis is an insidious venereal disease, the causative agent of which is pale treponema. You can become infected not only sexually.

Infection enters the body through household items after use by the sick. What should be the treatment and how to treat syphilis at home? Let's try to deal with this problem in more detail.

Symptoms of the disease[править]

If syphilis is not treated, the disease will develop in several stages.

The first stage is manifested by ulcers in the form of hard chancre that occur at the sites of infection, most often in the genital area. On the affected areas are not always painful. Often, women may not even suspect an infection if the uterus is affected by ulcers. A liquid containing infectious bacteria is released from the infected areas. After the treatment of primary syphilis, chancre quickly heal. In advanced cases, the second stage of the disease begins.

The second stage is accompanied by general malaise and a rash on the whole body, including the palms and soles. This stage can find itself several weeks after the first one, and it can remain in an inactive phase for months and even years. There is a deceptive feeling of recovery. During this period, an infected person is not contagious, but in an infected pregnant woman, the fetus may become infected through the placenta. The second stage of the disease is still treatable.

The third stage may manifest itself several years after the first untreated. Begin destructive changes in the organs of the body that lead to blindness, deafness, deformities, skin and bone disorders. The liver and brain are destroyed. However, even at this stage, syphilis can be cured, but recovery of damaged organs and tissues is no longer possible.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, see the doctor at the first symptoms of the disease. Self-treatment is unacceptable.

Syphilis in pregnant women and children[править]

Syphilis during pregnancy becomes a serious threat to the fetus. That is why all pregnant women are prescribed for syphilis three times . The first time - when registering at the antenatal clinic, the last - shortly before birth.

A woman infected with syphilis has a born child with signs of congenital syphilis and most often dies immediately after birth. In children who survive, there are disorders of the central nervous system and major changes in the internal organs. Sometimes syphilis can occur after years of birth.

In addition to congenital, children may have acquired syphilis. A child may become infected by a carrier of a pale spirochete using a household or medical route when medical instruments are inadequate.

Symptoms of the disease are exactly the same as in men or women. Only in children they do not show up on the genitals, because the child can not get sexually infected.


Diagnosis of syphilis is in the external examination of the patient and laboratory tests. During the inspection, primary or secondary syphilides are detected.

To identify methods of infection and determine the possibility of the spread of infection, anamnesis is collected. With the help of laboratory studies, you can determine the presence of treponema in the body and the presence of antibodies.

Unfortunately, many people are ashamed to go to the doctor and delay the precious time for treatment. Today there is an opportunity to test for syphilis at home. Such a test can be purchased online or in a regular pharmacy.


The course of therapy is prescribed by the venereologist to each patient individually. Treatment is based on taking antibiotics from different groups. The sooner the treatment is started, the sooner the infection can be overcome .

In the early stages of the disease, physicians allow treatment for syphilis at home, and the disease is treated fairly quickly - up to three months. In the advanced stage will have to be treated for a year or more. Moreover, the therapy is carried out in a hospital, since complex treatment is required. In addition to penicillin, physiotherapy, enzymes, vitamins and immunomodulators are used.

An illiterate approach to treatment may be fatal .

Home treatment of syphilis[править]

After the diagnosis, many people have a natural question, how to cure syphilis at home and whether there is an opportunity to heal by folk remedies. Unfortunately, this disease is not treated on its own. And the use of traditional medicine is allowed only as an auxiliary tool to speed up recovery and consolidate the result.

Consider a few effective recipes.

1. Wine and garlic

To prepare the healing drink, take 200 grams of strawberry jam, dilute with water (100 ml) and bring to a boil. Add warm red wine (400 ml) and apple juice. Stir the mixture thoroughly and cool. Then put the crushed garlic (7-8 cloves) in it and let it infuse for three hours. Strained drink is drunk daily in the evenings (single dose - 100 ml).

First, heat the red wine (200 ml), add cranberry and lemon juice (5 and 8 tablespoons), stir and heat again. When the mixture has cooled, put 7-8 minced cloves of garlic in it and leave for four hours. Strained drink drink 200 ml before bedtime.

2. Sandy sedge root

When treating syphilis with herbs, sedge root helps. Peeled root finely chop or chop with a meat grinder. Take 20 grams of root and cover with boiled water. Boil to reduce the volume of the liquid in half. The decoction should stand for two hours. Strained drink drink 50 ml. Need to drink 200 ml for the whole day.

3. Yakut grass

One and a half tablespoons of grass pour boiling water (2 cups) and leave for 4 hours. Strained infusion take five times a day (single dose - teaspoon).

4. Hop

Take hops (2 spoons) and pour boiling water (500 ml). Insist a couple of hours, then strain. Hop infusion should be drunk throughout the day, dividing it into four portions .

5. Burdock root

Pour the chopped burdock root (one spoon) into 200 ml of water and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the broth (one tablespoon), take four times a day.

Treatment of syphilis with folk remedies is permissible only after the qualified help of a doctor and gives a good effect as an additional method of treatment in the fight against the disease.

Syphilis prevention[править]

In order not to become infected with syphilis, one should first of all avoid casual sexual intercourse. Do not forget that even a condom can not protect against the disease, although it slightly reduces the risk of infection.

If there is the slightest suspicion of syphilis, it is very important to immediately visit a doctor and get tested. For preventive purposes, all pregnant women, donors, food and children workers are regularly checked. The duration of treatment and the possible consequences will depend on the stage of the disease and the start of therapy.

With timely detection of infection and properly organized treatment can completely cure the disease and avoid complications.