From the "Mowgli" to "Under a glass bell": Top 10 film adaptations of the year

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This year more than thirty popular books in one form or another will be filmed. Among them are the works of the laureates of the literary awards, biographies, and an inevitable young-adult. We chose ten of the most curious works that appear in films and on television until the end of this year.

The book club and pies out of potato peelings[править]

Life-affirming novel in letters. Post-war London, writer Juliet Ashton is in a crisis of the genre, can't think of an idea for my next book. Comes to the aid of the case — a letter from one of Dose pig farmer from the island of Garnet. The finding once belonged to Juliet edition, asks her to recommend a good shop to buy books for the residents of the island, and says that a reading club was a cover for meetings with the islanders during the German occupation. Between the writer and Garnet strike up a correspondence, and Juliet, fascinated by this amazing story, goes to the island, where they find that the reality is not quite as in letters, and for some people the war is still not over.

The cast of the film adaptation looks like a reunion of "Downton Abbey" — from the Lily James in the role of Juliet and Matthew Goode in the role of editor to the Jessica brown-Findlay and Penelope Wilton. The tape is positioned as a dramatic story "creators "At 'marigold'"" what do the authors of the film "Hello family", "Marley and me" and TV series "we are" — in General, you should stock up on cocoa, plaid blankets and handkerchiefs.

Where'd you go, Bernadette?[править]

Bernadette Fox is a notorious person. She's fifty, she's an architect and is suffering from agoraphobia almost never use it, and always wears dark glasses, despises virtually all of the mothers from the parent Committee to Canadians and the waiters, and most of their daily Affairs has instructed to solve a remote assistant in India. There is a problem: for excellent academic performance, she promised her daughter a trip to Antarctica — but the day before had disappeared, and fifteen years of Bi have to go in search of his mother. Easily written book revealing many of the problems of middle age: the issues of finding yourself, understanding depression and the hardships of family life.

The author, Maria Semple, a former writer of the TV series "mad about you" and "arrested development". Filmed the novel by Richard Linklater, which was, perhaps, more than anyone, knows how to talk about the crises and obstacles that await any person in life. Bernadette will play cate Blanchett, the other roles will be Kristen Wiig and Billy Crudup.

On the shore[править]

One of the five books of McEwan, which was nominated for the Booker prize, is a sad and sobering story about the problems of communication in marriage and the importance of learning sex education. England, sixtieth, day in the life of newlyweds. Just obvenchatsya young Edward and Florence arrive at a hotel on the coast to spend their wedding night. It happens even before the sexual revolution, so steam has no idea what to do with each other: brought up in a prudish attitude to sex, young people are afraid to ask each other intimate questions. This leads to misunderstanding, mutual resentment, frustration and, ultimately, the collapse of the Union.

The main role played by saoirse Ronan, one of the most popular this year Actresses (in 2018 comes out four projects with her participation), and Billy's hole, lit up in the "Dunkirk" which, by the way, later will appear with Saoirse on the big screen in the film adaptation of Chekhov's the Seagull. In addition, for Ronan this is the second role in the film on the works of McEwan after "Redemption," which brought her the first nomination for an Oscar and worldwide fame.


Sealed action, like all books, Ann Patchett, when reading is not what it seems at first glance. The world-famous Opera singer Roxanne COSS is coming to Peru to give a private concert at a party at the Japanese businessman, should be the President of the country. Suddenly the celebration ends, the house seized by the rebels, who planned to kill the head of the country and are now demanding the release of political prisoners. In an extreme situation, everyone shows their obvious inside out: the victim — force the criminals humanity. Two hundred hostages spend a month side by side with the terrorists, and in this strange society are formed and break up relationships and the art that is able to reconcile even people who speak different languages.

The Director of the film version — Paul Weitz ("American pie," "My boy," "Mozart in the jungle"), and the role of Opera diva played by Julianne Moore.

The little stranger[править]

Another drama in a typically English scenery — this time a mystical cross between "Downton Abbey" and the Gothic novels of Daphne du Maurier. 1947 old England fade, and with it the aristocratic tradition, luxurious Victorian mansions and their inhabitants. In a dilapidated manor house, Hundreds Hall live aging Mrs. Ayres (in the movie it will play great Charlotte Rampling) and two adult children: unmarried Carolina and traumatized by war Roderick. Once they have to call a doctor Faraday (domhnall Gleeson) to his ill servant. The doctor, whose mother once worked in Hundreds Hall, is fascinated by the remnants of the former splendour of the house and becomes a frequent guest, but discovers that the estate settled some evil entity (the "little stranger" of the title) and that his fate is tightly connected with the history of the house.

On the adaptation work directed by Leonard Abrahamson, nearly received the "Oscar" for "Room" in 2016, and screenwriter Lucinda Coxon (the"Girl from Denmark", "the Crimson petal and the white").

The girl who got stuck in the web[править]

Continuation of the series "Millennium" was released after the death of Stieg Larsson and enveloped in scandals and the picture: first, the rights supposedly already started the book late lost the actual writer's widow, then work on the detective gave the biographer of a football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Then spoke and criticized the nines smashed "helpless story, marked the end of classical Scandinavian thrillers". Readers were not unanimous in their assessment: many would not find fault with the holes in the plot and just enjoyed a new meeting with their favorite characters.

Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist again against all this time they are protecting job and investigate the murder of Professor boulder, a specialist in artificial intelligence, for whom hunting dangerous criminals. The producers of the franchise have followed the path of publishing houses and milestones for a new Millennium changed the lead actors in the role of Lisbeth will appear delightful Claire Foy (the star of "the Crown", which is the number of projects in this year is coming close behind the Saoirse Ronan), and the role of Blomkvist took the Swede Sverrir of Gudnason, starred last year in "Borg/McEnroe."

First man: the life of Neil Armstrong[править]

Perennial American bestseller — biography of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon is finally released on the big screen. The author is James Hansen, a history Professor from Alabama, when writing enlisted the personal support of the astronaut. The biography not only tells about the way to success and a culminating moment in the life of Armstrong, but also deeply personal and unknown to the General public of the events before and after the mission "Apollo-11" — for example, about the tragic death of his daughter and how hard it is to lead a simple and modest life when you — the idol generation.

The movie rights to Clint Eastwood and the Studio Warnes Bros. bought another two years before the official publishing of the book, but after a few years of inactivity the project lost their Universal Pictures. The Director of "the First man" became Damien of Lasell, which is so densely worked with Ryan Gosling on "La La Land" that is still on the set of the musical approved of his favorite for the role of the legendary astronaut. Partner at Armstrong mission buzz Aldrin plays Corey Stoll made famous in "a house of cards" and "Girls" and friends and colleagues of the Nile in the shop — John Bernthal ("the Punisher") and Pablo Schreiber ("Orange is the new black," "American gods").

Under a glass cover[править]

A classic work that has become iconic — a journey to the darkest corners of the mind, suffering from mental disorder. Student Esther Greenwood wins an essay contest and moved from Boston to new York to Intern at a fashion magazine. It would seem that she easily got the job, "for which the other girls are ready to kill" (as said the heroine of the film "the Devil wears Prada"), but does not find in it the expected satisfaction, the disappointment in the world of the secular conventions, the traditional way of life, is sinking into the abyss of despair and into a psychiatric clinic. Scene in Plat book carefully documents the process of dissolution of the personality in the depression and tells how difficult it is to feel lost and loser in the struggle for self-development and against social norms.

"Under a glass bell" — a dream project of Kirsten dunst, it is the third (after two shorts), but the first full-length directorial and screenwriting experience. The role of Esther will be performed by Dakota fanning and Jesse Plemons, partner dunst in life and the TV series "Fargo", will play lenny shepherd, a boyfriend-girlfriend Esther.


The directorial debut of Andy Serkis, who during post-production "Mowgli" managed to shoot and release another film — drama "Breathe for us." The project was released in cinemas in 2016, but was postponed due to the release in tune with "the jungle Book" by Jon Favreau. In an interview with Andy Serkis promises that his version will be much darker and closer to the original than the previous film adaptation of the immortal tales of Rudyard Kipling about a boy raised by wolves. During filming, used the motion capture technology, so that you practically live to watch cate Blanchett transforms into Kaa, Benedict Cumberbatch — Shere Khan, and Christian bale — to Bagheera.

To all the boys I loved[править]

Modest and romantic lady Lara Jean is sixteen: it is the middle of three sisters growing up without a mother, and she has a habit of writing in a table the letters to the guys that she once sympathized with. These letters — its a kind of therapy after the breakup of the relationship: she sincerely and analyzes in detail the senses. Once the letters disappear from the store in a hat box under the bed, and Lara Jean discovers in horror that they sent. She is forced to come face to face with former passions, and was surprised to learn that one of them is not lost. Despite the simple plot, the book consists of vanilla cliché: the heroine is thinking straight and not devoid of self-irony, bites her lips and catches butterflies in the stomach.

Filmed by Roman Director of indie dramas, Susan Johnson, and starring declared fresh young actors: Lana Condor, Noi Centineo and Janel Parrish.