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Probably about menstrual cups you already know something: we talked about them in great material. One of the advantages is environmental friendliness, ease and no leaks. They have a dedicated Telegram-channel, and little research allows us to understand nearly all. We decided to check just whether the universal excitement, bought five cups and tried to hold them next month. In short — almost all are facing in the future plan to give up pads and tampons in favor of a reusable cap. Below you will find the table of contents.

Margarita Virov[править]

In General, I found myself in the story, which everyone was afraid. First enter the tray I had in the toilet of a shopping center, many times I changed it in the office, and one day I inadvertently poured the blood over the bathroom floor. The experiment considered a success, despite my haste and chaotic lifestyle. I the vials thought, although he knew quite interesting was their environmental impact and the possibility of repeated use. Tampons I was quite happy, except for those moments when they had to flee to the pharmacy. Strip hate with all my heart. Just imagine spending a hot summer with a piece of cellulose between your legs. Not very nice.

The first day of menstruation coincided with the preparation for the move and overtook me in a day trip over paint in the "Fleet". I waited for the moment when it is necessary to insert a Cup in the evening. Forgot about this before leaving the house (but the Cup is put in the pocket of a backpack). On the way I got lost, experienced mental and physical torment and remembered that something was missing. Pre-sterilized in boiling water bowl in my backpack, toilet — on the second floor, nowhere to retreat.

I stood in the booth, holding in teeth a scarf, wiped out a few alcohol wipes, took a bowl and followed the directions. All turned out well the first time, but was extremely uncomfortable. But after forty minutes I was choosing between shades of colors that ran through the rows with a cart, paying my bills, looking for a taxi and dragged the heavy bucket. No inconvenience was not, the bowl did not reminded of your presence. And in the next four days behaved the same way: a Scarecrow with the introduction and pulling, but perfectly coped with my life. A couple of times I really wore it for twelve hours.

From LadyCup very elastic rim, whereby it is easily expanded in the vagina. It should be used: the bezel is not too eager to change shape when removing the Cup, it should bend slightly with your fingers. When I did not understand, was in that scene from "Nightmare on elm street" where johnny Depp sucks in bed. However, it taught me to handle Capa has received. In the rest of the LadyCup is probably ideal. It is very small, not too soft, holds its shape well and is of reasonable quality. Appropriate shape and length of the bowl does not feel, it is possible to take almost any posture, a lot of walking, not to be distracted at work. In General, if you have not yet abolished the monthly menstrual Kapu definitely worth a try. I plan to continue to use the bowl and feel that I have one foot in the future.

Sasha Savina[править]

Actually, I adept tampons: they are much more convenient than pads and applicator, I think one of the best inventions of mankind. Those who have never used a bowl, she scares the (still — it is difficult to imagine how a thrust). Actually all has appeared not so terribly — important to study the issue. However, the confidence that the Cup will suit absolutely everyone, I still have not.

I chose the soft Cup size S: thought it would be easier to insert than rigid (I feel comfortable only with small and medium swabs). A large amount was not needed because I have a few years on the pill and no blood flow (technically this is not menstruation at all, but lower). Before menstruation I have read the manual, watched a few sites and forums and felt fully prepared. So, I decided to insert the Cup the first day a little in advance right before menstruation (thanks to the pills, it comes like clockwork) and right in an office toilet. Needless to say that after fifteen minutes I still did not work, and left me with the feeling that just went through bad sex with a menstrual Cup — I never thought that you have so carefully examine yourself from the inside out.

Fortunately, the experiment I started almost last, so that colleagues have shared their experience and gave advice. First, I recommend this link. Secondly, I advise you to try out different ways of addition: classic, letter C, my soft cap did not want to deal with — but the "punch down fold", everything went much faster. Suggest to press the side with the hole through which the air is so still easier. Thirdly, I think that the water-based lubricant can help — really, I it wasn't used. Another useful practice to insert the Cup to the beginning of the cycle, and the first few times to get it in the private bathtub or shower, if possible: you'll be less likely to pour the blood all around.

In General, use the convenient bowl — the next day I slightly clipped the tail, and it was quite good. The bowl is not felt inside, however, I think herein lies the danger: it's easy to forget to get her twelve hours, especially if your period is not abundant. I think this issue is solved by reminders in the phone. After a few times I learned to paste and spread it over a couple of minutes — and even lost it in the bathroom of the restaurant, which was at the Banquet. At first I was insure daily strip, but leakage was not. I'm not so sure that the end facing to insert and especially to get the tray for me each time was unpleasant, tampons still easier. But I think I'll give her another chance, still nice to save money on pads and tampons and it is more environmentally friendly thing. And I think to consult about the bowl with a gynecologist, just in case.

Ksenia Petrova[править]

Before the experiment I have on the website, and other credible sources I read, what menstrual Cup convenient, environmentally friendly and so on, but before purchasing it did not come, because I'm indecisive cat. I got the purple bowl is one of the most popular brands — the base model, which is recommended for beginners: size S, the idea is for anyone who did not give birth, elasticity — average for inexperienced users. At the end of the bowl not the tail (aka "stem"), and the ring. I don't really understand what it is fundamentally different from the other variations, except that it is possible to hang a keychain with a bell, but it is unlikely that the manufacturer had in mind. To the bowl attached pouch for storing and instructions, decorated a little ridiculous, but understandable.

I have been using tampons, so to thrust into hygiene I don't think the wild: for the first time with a bowl just in case used a water-based lubricant, but then it is not handy to me. Before first use, I boiled the Cup in the pot, as the soft-boiled egg, and googled for any problems with the use of cap in women with my disease — endometriosis. Get this: there's a weird myth about the connection of menstrual cups with endometriosis, which is not tenable. Women of Reddit say that everything is fine. Generally, bowls are considered more secure than tampons or pads, because it is not associated with toxic shock syndrome and protects the microflora.

The instructions warn that the skills training the introduction can take up to three cycles, but I mastered it quickly. All properly inserted and disposed at the second attempt with a tampon the first time was scarier and more difficult. To be safe I still used the daily strip, but in General it is not needed: bowl, even the first day was not filled to the brim and not leaking. Perhaps people with a generous monthly insurance policy useful. Despite the firmness, the bowl inside is not felt, about how misguided tampon, but without sticking out of the rope.

Pull was slightly more difficult than inserting a good thing I did it at home, because in the first couple of times he looked like a novice butcher. Not first suggest to empty the Cup in the office toilet if you don't want to scare colleagues. In any case this attraction you will not every three hours like a tampon, and a couple of times a day — so that colleagues can and be patient. The bowl is well proved itself during sleep and during work (I like to sit in weird positions and tied in a knot). Conclusion according to the results of the experiment: the Cup is a great achievement of civilization, will use I inherited the model further.

Dasha Tatarkova[править]

"Well, as it is a thrust?" — the first thing you think when you look at the menstrual Cup. As it turned out, the sticking is not the main problem when it comes to Capa. But the benefits are incredible: just like in advertising pads and tampons, the Cup can, if desired, and the rails can move out smartly, and booty in the camera to Shine, playing tennis.

All the traditional feminine hygiene products I never liked. Swabs — large (even the smallest), dry and uncomfortable things that unpleasant to enter, and from them is toxic shock syndrome. Strip — bulky, squelchy and not too scented strips that go astray and strive to proceed in any motion. For fourteen years, monthly, I'm used to in the days of x need to constantly ask others to see if the pants stains, gluing the biggest airbag on the night, not to wear white and hope for the best. The menstrual Cup can solve all the above difficulties, but is, as they say, nuances. That's how we survived my first joint Capa period.

I'm normally too lazy to study the issue in advance, so took the bowl from the party, bought for the experiment at random. "Mmm, soft, probably, it will be easier," I reasoned. Works well everything is exactly the opposite: the softer the Cup, the harder it how to arrange yourself. Enter the silicone dome, in principle, easy. Most importantly, choose a convenient form of folding — "U fold", "punch down fold" and "7-fold" is the most popular, is to relax and not to hurry. Through trial and error I realized that the "punch-down" I feel most comfortable, but this had to RUB itself all as it should on the first day — I went a little overboard. To make it very simple, don't be afraid to take a water-based lubricant.

To spread the Cup after this folding, you need to click on base — the air will be released and it will snap into place. With a hard Burr that works great, soft as stubborn and don't want to deal. I had to read the entire Internet and conduct trouble-shuting — pressed to the rear wall of the vagina, twist, pull down and then up again to find a way to solve the problem. I'm so close with my vagina has never talked; I discovered the instructions for determining the height of the cervix and now know what I have. In the end, my method: clamp on the hole through which broken when removing the vacuum so the Cup deal much easier.

I wore a Cup the recommended 8-12 hours: M size is not enough for the twelve most abundant in days, but in all the others I just cleaned it during the morning and evening shower. Before and after menstruation it is necessary to boil the tray for a few minutes, in the process — just wash with soap and water. It turned out, to sleep, with his leg and not leaking, go bowling, ride the hill and to occur only because the Cup gave up and was exhausted, but forget about Jogging with seal for office. The tail I was a bit long, so I cut him off as soon as he got shorter, I didn't feel anything. From now on, we will be inseparable Capa — I think to buy her a pair to try another volume, length and stiffness and to keep a few different for different periods.

Katya Strelnikova[править]

Don't even know where to start. That menstrual Cup is the best invention after the wheel. Or what kind of mask I wore for the first couple of days before I had to use it. I the subject is not studied, and if not for this experiment, I would probably still for a long time or have never tasted such a "device". When it fell into my hands, questions and concerns was very much a part of them still, hope this clarify anything.

The first and main question: "how am I going to push?" The picture in the instructions is not explained too clearly, I had to Google the video. He looked first from the simulated vagina in the form of tubes of cardboard, then a couple more... it Became clear that all will have to learn in practice. In most of the instructions shows one method of folding, which did not really fit. What I learned simply because I had to try several times to enter the bowl. In General, I found a couple of ways, one of them worked perfectly. There were difficulties during retrieval. Of course, I have a separate bathroom, of course, I forgot a water bottle. Just had to pop up with that thing in his hands and solemnly carry her to the bathroom. Looked so-so, and I never forgot. But still ... I have not adapted to extraction. No habit is difficult, you can stain all around. The first time I'd ever done it in the bathroom, making all the cloth, or at least removing light mats from the bathroom.

In the future I plan to buy another bigger bowl, so you can safely change it outside of the house and make it even rarer. During menstruation the size S was appropriate, except that the first day had to be carefully monitored. That is how you understood, despite my misadventures, adept I have become. Because for the first time in seventeen years during this period, I felt like a man. That is, for the most part I did not thought about menstruation. For the first time in years I slept like a boss and not curled up in a fetal position.

All obstacles in my head, and without trying you'll never know. Doubt that before I leave: still, as far as the Cup hygienic? To be honest, clear answer on the Internet I have not found. It is normal that the blood remains in the chalice? And as the most hygienic to change it out? I want to believe that I have nothing to worry about. The bowl is really a thousand times more comfortable other hygiene products, and, importantly for me, it is very environmentally friendly. I just imagine how much waste I have produced over the past seventeen years, and I was scared.