Created the first contraceptive pill for men

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Science Daily reports that the upcoming Congress of the Endocrine society USA, which will be held next week in Chicago, will present the results of clinical studies of birth control pills for men. Preparation based on substances DMAU studied in 83 men aged 18 to 50 years — researchers have confirmed that a daily intake of pills reduces the level of testosterone and other hormones that affect the formation of sperm and does not affect the sexual organs. The head of group of developers of the preparation, Stephanie Paige stresses that the commercially available analogs of the hormonal drugs have serious side effects — they cause damage to the liver and kidneys, affect sexual function, as well as too quickly removed from the body, therefore, one tablet per day is not enough. None of these side effects in the study of a new drug did not reveal, however, was different: the participants noted a slight increase in body mass and lower levels of "good" cholesterol. The results showed that the drug is safe enough for their next phase of clinical trials according to Paige, this is an unprecedented result. Hormonal contraceptives for women are used since the 1960-ies, and similar drugs for men started to develop recently. We have already talked about other experimental forms of contraception for men: the injection of the drug acting on the pituitary gland, and the gel which clogs the VAS deferens. According to the creators of the drug on the basis of the DMAU, male contraception in pill format that you just need to take each day will clearly be in high demand than injections and other invasive procedures.