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balanoposthitis - an inflammation of the glans and foreskin. For several reasons, balanoposthitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases in men.

As shown balanoposthitis[править]

Balanoposthitis can manifest many different symptoms that can be grouped into three categories.

Pain, itching, stinging, burning, any other discomfort in the area of ​​the glans penis, which gives man inconvenience. Sometimes there is a hypersensitivity of the glans penis, appears premature ejaculation or reduced duration of sexual intercourse. Redness of the glans and foreskin, dryness, irritation, red spots, dots, bumps, cracks and sores on the glans or prepuce, maceration (thinning) mucosa of the head, while it becomes like parchment. Secretions from the head of the penis. Normally on the head is formed smegma - sebum mucous head. Smegma formed in a small amount, and subject to daily hygiene does not cause any problems. Allocation at balanoposthitis much more intense, and require to wash the head and foreskin several times a day. Sometimes the selection appear in such numbers that thoroughly impregnated linen. All of these symptoms can occur separately or simultaneously in any combination. The presence of any of these symptoms is a sign of balanoposthitis.

As the disease develops[править]

Most often, balanoposthitis is a contagious disease. There are types of toxic and allergic balanoposthitis, but they are rare.

For the development balanoposthitis, a combination of two factors - the infectious agent and the conditions for its development. But if one of these factors is significant in strength, it compensates the other and leads to the development of the disease.

Infectious factor - is any conditional-pathogenic flora: streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli, enterococci, etc.

A large number of infections can get to the head of the penis under the following situations:

Sexual intercourse without a condom with a partner suffering from vaginal dysbiosis. In this disease, the woman's vagina lives a large number of bacteria, which cause inflammation of the glans penis. Oral with a partner suffering from diseases of the oral cavity. Anal sex without a condom. All of these situations can lead to a single and a significant aggravation of balanoposthitis. If they are not repeated exacerbation usually resolves itself in a few days.

Predisposing factors:

Irregular hygiene. Failure to comply with hygiene of genitals under the foreskin smegma accumulates, which is growing well any infection. She and causes inflammation. Phimosis. When phimosis glans penis or opens with difficulty, or not open at all. This complicates the hygiene measures, and can cause balanoposthitis. Diabetes. Metabolic disorders, occurring in diabetes, creates conditions for the development of the infection on the penis. Regular sexual activity without a condom with a partner suffering from vaginal dysbiosis. In this case, when each act of intercourse infection gets on the glans penis, which gradually leads to a decrease in mucosal immunity and the development of inflammation. When all the above processes, the conditions for the development of the infection on the penis. And any infection, getting there, causing inflammation. Typically, the disease at the same time is prolonged, occasionally acute and worse treatment.

Diagnosis balanoposthitis[править]

Diagnosis of the glans penis inflammation and extreme work of the flesh is not. It is performed in the process of examination by a urologist and does not require any testing.

Balanoposthitis and genital infections[править]

Sexually transmitted diseases manifest themselves by inflammation of the glans penis is extremely rare. Most often, chronic STDs lead to reduced local immunity, which contributes to the development of balanoposthitis, inflammation but at the same time caused by opportunistic flora.

In the diagnosis of balanoposthitis is necessary to do the analysis for STDs, if he does not last 6 months, and if it finds such conduct treatment of the patient and all the partners.

Complications balanoposthitis[править]

Long-term inflammation of the glans penis can lead to atrophy of the receptor apparatus and to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis. This causes inconvenience in sexual activity, reduces the pleasurable sensations during intercourse, reducing the feeling of orgasm, as a result could negatively affect the potency and quality of sexual life.

In addition, the inflammatory process with the head of the penis can move to the urethra, ie lead to urethritis. The main feature of this is the appearance of discomfort when urinating.

Balanoposthitis Treatment[править]

balanoposthitis treatment involves three tasks.

Strengthening hygiene of genitals. All patients suffering from balanoposthitis is recommended several times a day to wash the glans penis with soap and water. In most cases the symptoms of the disease at this end, and no treatment is no longer required. Elimination of infection. If hygiene is not enough, you need to start processing the glans penis and foreskin antiseptics - miramistinom or chlorhexidine. Treatments are carried out several times a day, after hygiene for 1 week. Do not use potassium permanganate for these procedures, iodine, alcohol, etc., these substances can reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis. It does not make sense to use antibiotics in the treatment of balanoposthitis. Antiseptics are significantly more effective their action spectrum is wider and the topical use there are no complications. Hardly seems reasonable to try to influence the penis bacteria on the head of a drug that has to go through the whole body, while much easier to handle the very head. If the use of antiseptics, there was no effect, it means that the immunity of the skin and mucous membranes of the penis drastically reduced, and the treatment should be paid attention mainly to this aspect. At this stage it is necessary to consult a doctor. At the disposal of modern medicine there are several medications that help to restore the mucous head properties, but they differ in their effect and must be individualized. Sometimes, in addition to the topical preparations necessary to carry out a course of general therapies.

Prevention balanoposthitis[править]

In most cases, balanoposthitis involves a violation of the vaginal microflora in sexual partner, so the first thing you want to send her to a gynecologist. The rest of the hygiene and regular check-ups at the urologist will relieve you of all the problems with the penis head.