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March 8, modern Russia and the countries of the former USSR considered the "holiday of spring and femininity": this is the day to sing of the beauty and tenderness of women and give them the obligatory tulips and a box of chocolates. In fact, the festival originated as a symbol of the struggle for equality — and only over time acquired its present shape. Contrary to popular perception, until full equality is still far. Offer to start small — we've put together a few gifts that will help in the fight against Patriarchy.

Top Monki[править]

A simple white top Monki says "égalité" ("equality") will be suitable for the meeting, and for regular everyday, wear with anything.

The cracked glass ceiling[править]

"Glass ceiling" referred to an invisible barrier that prevents women's career development. In this case, not in the real ability of women to reach senior positions, they are often hampered by gender stereotypes and prejudices of others. Just look at the list of the hundred most influential people in the world by Forbes (6 women) and Time (40 women) is strange to think that only in the case of lack of talent or desire. Greta Gerwig became just the fifth in history "Oscar" the woman nominated in the directing category — and this is only the tip of the iceberg. To break the system and break the glass ceiling by tomorrow, you are unlikely to succeed (especially since there is clearly need more than one crack) — but worth a try.

The law against domestic violence[править]

In Russia still there is no specific law against domestic violence and the reasons to believe that in the near future the situation will change, alas, is also no. A little over a year ago was partially decriminalized assault against relatives and other close persons — since then, there have been several high-profile crimes related to domestic violence. To change the situation for March 8 this year, again, unlikely to succeed — but you can start small: to support the bill on prevention of domestic violence or to help the organizations dealing with the issue of domestic violence, for example, center "Anna".

Clitoral stimulator[править]

On March 8 decided to want to meet the "decent man". Offer an alternative — to give her friend a decent sex toy. Note clitoral stimulators — here we have collected some of the best. Please note that toys impact differently on the clitoris — not only mechanically, but also, for example, by ultrasound. But before buying do not forget to specify the ready friend to such a gift.

A portion of your salary[править]

No matter how many want to believe otherwise, the inequality in pay of men and women do exist. Famous according to the statistics Bureau of the US census, for every dollar that a man earns, a woman receives only 79 cents (so if you are a man, can give women friends a part of their salaries in the name of equality).

Opponents of this view rightly point out that we are talking about "average" men and women — are not taken into account the difference in education, experience and many other factors. Alas, the difference does not disappear even when we take into account a variety of factors and consider the income in equal positions. And don't forget under the influence of gender stereotypes, women may choose to work in less remunerative fields, so at a family reunion on the long weekend not advise his niece to choose a job that will go well with motherhood.

Certificate to class Krav Maga[править]

I want to believe that after the victory of feminism, the necessity of self-defense will disappear — but, unfortunately, it is not. I advise you to pay attention to Krav Maga was developed in Israel a system of unarmed combat. The authors of the Russian course that promise to teach not only specific techniques, but also tell how to assess the situation and deal with stress. Besides, personally, I think a physical activity is never superfluous.

"The second sex" Simone de Beauvoir[править]

A landmark for the women's rights movement book by a French writer recently re-published in the Russian language — and this time, fortunately, completely, not partially. The best gift for the feminist minded friend to think hard on the long weekend just have the opportunity to read all nine hundred and something pages.

To eliminate objectification[править]

Of course, one day will not solve the problem — but that's exactly the case when it is necessary to start with yourself. The first thing to do is to abandon the sexist phrases like "decoration team" or wishes "happiness". If you do not know where to start, I recommend focusing here on this post and activists, to understand the popular sexist cliché of congratulations, and our instructions about compliments.

Tickets for feminist activities[править]

A good way to celebrate March 8 to support the charity event aimed to help women. Such this year more than one — in Moscow, for example, will play the "Quiet revolution" (tickets were very little!), part of the proceeds from which will give to the work of the organization "Project W: a network of mutual support for women"; as well as a mini festival, "All people — sisters" in support of the center's "Sisters" to help victims of sexual violence. If you feel the revolutionary spirit, participate in the feminist shares with a friend.

Big pants[править]

Among the infinite lace and push-up in the world of underwear has finally started to appear and other options — and we are infinitely pleased. Rejoice and you give a friend (or yourself) comfortable high-waisted briefs.

Menstrual Cup[править]

Not so long ago, our editors tested the menstrual Cup, and left ecstatic. If you have a fairly close relationship with the woman you want to congratulate you on March 8 (in the present, of course, there is nothing to be ashamed of — just it is possible to miscalculate the size or do not know about other people's preferences in matters of hygiene), look at the bowls. Here we have collected some popular models.

Charitable gifts[править]

Never tire of saying that a charitable gift is always a good idea. On March 8, for example, to help nature to give a certificate for planting trees (one will cost only 150 rubles) or to choose a gift at a charity shop Greenpeace or WWF are so many options.

Unusual lipstick shade[править]

From Patriarchy can be fought in different ways — for example, to hit the standards of beauty. While the surrounding the urge to do "gentle" and "feminine" sudovy makeup or use hot red lipstick, give your partner, friend or colleague, for example, blue or green lipstick or eyeshadow explosive colors (of course, if she wears make-up and a gift will be useful).

The Book Is "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls"[править]

We have examined in detail what should be children's books of the future to appeal to young readers. If you have a young daughter or niece and you prefer a modern approach to children's literature, you can give her the book "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" is the tale of a hundred prominent women. March 8 to deliver, of course, do not have time — but you can always buy a version for Kindle.

A bouquet of Shawarma and tulips[править]

If you do not imagine on March 8 without flowers, there is a proven way to make a gift better and get rid of flair "gentle" and "feminine" of the day. Simply add to the bouquet Shawarma — first of all, the food is better at just about everything, and secondly, there is a special service. It works, but only in Moscow, but, sure, collect a bouquet for each.