Bust with guns: How Lara Croft has gone from objectification to adulthood

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In rolling OUT the FILM "TOMB RAIDER", the film adaptation of the first of the game restarted the series, covering the development of Lara Croft is the most recognizable heroines in gaming world, whose fame went far beyond likovskij communities. Vague, full of white spots background about how the wayward daughter of an English aristocrat obsessed with finding ancient artifacts, inherits her father's fortune and his interest in archaeology might seem a little forced. But it is, oddly enough, correlates well with the history of the making of Lara Croft: the heroine, which was conceived as a role model for girls, and became a symbol of objectification in video games; a Golem that escaped from its Creator, and then returned to eventually fulfill their purpose.

In the 2010 English Derby appeared travel in the name of Lara Croft. It's certainly not the first example of a street named in honor of a fictional character, but it is very significant. One of the first icons of the digital age, tomb raider came off screens and in some sense became a lot more real than real people: it is enough to say that the magazine covers she has appeared more often than any model of flesh and blood — more than a thousand times. As expected pop-cultural icon, it changed and adapted to the needs of its time. As expected the heroine of folklore, her "life" is overgrown with legends and contradict each other's evidence.

More or less know of the virgin birth of Lara Croft took place about twenty-five years ago, when the British developers Core Design decided to make an adventure game with a character similar to Indiana Jones. The animator Toby Gard, one of the six people from the first team "Tomb Raider" found a better idea: make a brave archeologist woman.

In Garda, which is worth mentioning separately to guess the prototype of Richard Croft, father of Lara, according to gaming legend, perished when she was still a child, desperate pioneer that surrounding initially considered bonkers, but which eventually turns out to be right. Former colleagues of Garda think of the animator as reference geek — closed person with a strange sense of humor, often slept in the workplace. And yet are unanimous in calling him a genius.

His heroine garde, according to one version, came from the younger sister Frances, on the other — with the singer Nene cherry (probably, since her fighting debut album "Raw Like Sushi"), the third with "Tankistki" (the heroine of anarchist comics Jamie Hewlett first Lara with her tank-top, mini-shorts and fingerless gloves are really similar). Whatever the truth, the idea of cool main character, apparently, floated in the air, and the Core Design adopted not only because I don't want to copy too literally Indiana Jones and run into a lawsuit from Lucas Films.

But the magnificent bust, which soon began to live separate from the mistress of life appeared due to unavoidable time constraints. Graphics engines mid-90s were not sharpened on realism, so the designers took the path of least resistance: rise of options "with Breasts" and "no" chose the first.

Breasts Croft from game to game has continued to grow, and with it the protests against women's objectification

Bust made Croft unhealthy glory. Gard has repeatedly stressed in an interview that he was not going to sexualize Lara, moreover, saw her as a symbol of empowerment. "We did not have such a plan — to make the game about "the girl with the third page" (on page 3 of British tabloid the Sun traditionally printed pictures of models with bare Breasts; the name became a household word. — Approx. ed.). The idea was to create a female character is cool, collected, one that has everything under control. You could argue that Lara with her comic themed appearance deliberately exploits sex, but I do not agree with you. To say that the stylization based on the conscious exaggeration distorts the representation of real people, just ridiculous. We do not say that the cartoon action-heroes — with a square jaw, broad shoulders and slim waist — offend the feelings of the real men." About what media — including comics — shapes our neuroses and ideas about appearance, especially since the developer did not think.

But that would be about it thought Gard, the reality painted a very different picture. When the distributor Eidos put a large marketing campaign and it became clear that the "Tomb Raider" becomes a global hit (so much so that U2 "hired" Croft for the video of his tour "PopMart"), the creators of Lara realized that their child is not theirs anymore — at least at the level of the image (Gard broke and slammed the door after leaving the company). The Core Design team, according to rumors, was asked to write code for the "Naked Lara" — they refused (which has not prevented the emergence of artisanal patch "Nude Raider"), but the marketing flywheel is already could not be stopped. Sex sold, Lara Croft, and Lara Croft was selling sex.

For distributors of promotional events, hired several models depicting the raider (the tradition survived until 2008), and one of them, Nell McAndrew, appeared to turn Playboy (for which she was fired, and the magazine was charged with copyright violation).

Breasts Croft from game to game has continued to grow, and with it the protests against women's objectification and complaints that the game generates among boys the wrong idea about what should be girls. By that time, as Angelina Jolie started filming the first movie "Tomb Raider", Lara's bust has grown to a size 36 DD and the actress had to adjust and wear special pads. The Director of the film Simon West joked that he will have to use wide angle lenses because otherwise, remove the Breasts will not work. And that's the most innocuous of jokes, which firmly hammered into the consciousness of the Association: Lara Croft is a bust with attached to it a pair of pistols.

To the extent that like Lara in an adrenaline frenzy learns to hang over a kilometer pit, she gradually unearths his father's past and redefines itself

As such, the franchise lasted even half a dozen years, changing developers and the renewing of the heroine, and remains moderately popular, but increasingly lagged behind the realities of life — even in game development. It's hard to tell what buried series: stories, becoming more absurd each time (in 2007 Lara even got a DoppelgangeR), or unwillingness to admit that the gaming world has long been requesting much more realistic and complex female characters. Franchise required not just a change of developers, and a total restart, which happened in 2013.

Updated "Tomb Raider" (followed by the current film with Alicia Vikander, who is making the game scenario mostly small edits and additions) greatly humanizes Croft — not only in terms of body proportions, but also in terms of background and experience. "Experience" is generally the key word in the selected formula, which is why both games that were released after restarting, offer something more than spectacular running and pulling on the hands, and, in fact, the plundering of tombs by solving puzzles.

In fact, it is nothing like the story of how "the girl opens the world", the course of growing up — only accelerated ten times, and due to the need to survive. As soon as Lara in an adrenaline frenzy learns to hang over a kilometer pit, she gradually unearths his father's past and redefines itself. And this is perhaps the most realistic part of the "Tomb Raider": if in the movie the legend of the lost tomb amtiskaw more or less sobering, the games conspiracy theories and alternative history in the spirit of Ernst muldasheva traditionally does not hold water.

Released Thriller makes a request for a long series and the overall picture at least doesn't spoil: it is nothing more than a strong action — but no less. Vikander, who after the Oscar nominations collects due to her acting tribute with a big-budget movie, the restart went perfectly. There is enough of "ordinariness" in order not to look like a superhero, and with that there needs a spark that makes her Lara in uprtou adventurer. Devoid of Teflon coating, but intuitively very clear.