"Tampons" with marijuana: As cannabis to treat menstrual pain

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"Tampons" with marijuana: As cannabis to treat menstrual pain.

Tampons, but not quite[править]

Created "tampons" with marijuana company Foria — she specializiruetsya mainly for lubricants, comprising an extract of cannabis. After marijuana was legalized in several States, the company came up with tools to help relax during sex. And then it was decided to use a calming effect and to help women cope with pain during menstruation. In fact it is, of course, not tampons — they do not absorb secretions. It suppositories, that is candles, which consist of cocoa butter (say, the hemp healing candle smell like cookies) and of cannabinoids. The active substance is absorbed through the vaginal mucosa and reduces muscle spasms. Manufacturers claim that the dose of drugs is such that it eases the pain, but can not cause euphoria.

Together with candles you can use any hygiene products — even tampons, enter the recommended fifteen to twenty minutes after the suppository. Packing of candle stands forty four dollars, they are available in California and Colorado. While this tool is not registered with the FDA and is not considered a cure, but clinical studies have not been conducted. But Foria is already not the only company that uses the legalization of marijuana to alleviate menstrual pain. Actress Whoopi Goldberg also founded the production of products based on cannabis — it bath salts, herbal tincture, gel, and even cocoa, is intended to facilitate the state during menstruation.

Why is my period — it hurts[править]

Painful menstruation affects many women at any age. Sometimes the reason lies in certain diseases, but the pain may also occur in perfectly healthy reproductive system. In this case, discomfort in the abdomen and pain in the abdomen, back and head — it is the job of prostaglandins. It is a chemical responsible for transmission of pain signals from receptors to the brain, and that during menstruation some women have more of them than you need, especially during uterine contractions. Someone endures pain harder than others — this is due to genetic peculiarities.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this problem still does not exist. If a specific cause (like inflammation of the pelvic organs) can be overcome, the primary dysmenorrhea is when the pain during menstruation occurs by itself, without additional factors is a chronic condition that many women have to live up to the menopause. Often good help drugs with antiprostaglandin mechanism of action — same-ibuprofen — to be taken, without waiting for severe pain, and when there is a feeling that she will be here. Of course, pain relievers do not help all equally, and side effects. Good effect of hormonal contraception — it replaces the natural cycle artificial, at the same time eliminating all its accompanying problems. But, of course, this method is not for everyone. Traditional methods (e.g., specific postures of yoga or decoctions) are mainly due to placebo effect. Extreme option — surgery that destroys the nerve endings inside the uterus, but this is a complex intervention that does not guarantee. In General, the question how to make periods less painful, remains open.

What does marijuana[править]

One of the ways to relieve pain — relax the smooth muscles of the uterus to spasm does not lead to the release of mediators of pain. As stated in comments edition Broadly, which decided to test the "tampons" with marijuana, the cannabis helps reduce the intensity of muscle spasms, increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to tissues, causing discomfort is reduced. The main active substance of marijuana is cannabinoid, in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The first psychoactive and helps to relieve the pain the second reduces inflammation. Together they relax the muscles. According to the test results of the magazine Broadly, it really works: unpleasant sensations disappear after about twenty minutes, after application of the suppository, and no psychotropic effects were observed. True or not, hard to say — in academic journals or there is no related research on this topic.

When can we expect the pain of tampons[править]

It is unlikely that we can seriously expect that someone will come up with a special hygienic tools to help you through a rough period. Perhaps this is due to the fact that menstrual pain is not a matter of life and death, and if it is not harmful to reproductive health, is not very interesting to researchers and pharmaceutical companies. In the end, the painkillers on the shelves of pharmacies enough. In addition, the topic of marijuana legalization and its use is too explosive, and medicine have not yet decided what to cannabinoid more — benefit or harm. Of course, cannabis is used for pain relief since ancient times, but evidence-based medicine while focused more on the harmful effects of marijuana. It is proven that marijuana can be effective in the treatment of chronic pain, to suppress nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy, and improve sleep. But if people with terminal stages of cancer benefit from the analgesic effect of marijuana clearly outweigh the potential harm, the balance of benefit and risks in monthly use in young healthy women are not yet available.

In addition, given the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids, is now actively studying how they affect the nervous system, for example, can help with epilepsy or Parkinson's disease. Most of the studies of marijuana continues to address the harmful effects of its alicebraga use — but the medical community has begun to recognize that data about the properties of cannabis is not enough. However, while we can talk about it only theoretically: use of marijuana for medical purposes in Russia is not expected.