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Life in latitudes where it is cold at least six months, requires a lot of endurance — and if the Central heating and adequate clothing in our days is not a problem, the skin is tolerant to the cold not at all. We asked several of the characters with a heightened sensitivity to cold how it manifests itself, and asked the doctors and immunologists to explain whether there is a cold Allergy and what you can do with it.

Dasha Graudina[править]

This problem appeared at the school on the street have become very watering eyes. At first I thought that this is due to the wind, but then I realized that it react in the cold. As a result, ceased to use the mascara first winter, early spring and late autumn, and then the rest of the time. However, from eyeliner to unsubscribe does not work — and it is almost the only cosmetic product, except for Foundation and blush I use. I learned to gently "cry" and always keep the paper handkerchiefs and a mirror to control the situation. No soreness no, the only discomfort is uncontrollable flood of tears, which is very frustrating to wipe on the frost; if the swipe is not at hand, woolen mittens much scratch wet skin.

I spoke to the doctor — just used, besides do not experience pain or much discomfort. I don't like the cold, always very cold, but it was never a reason to leave. Frost is, of course, unpleasant, but very beautiful.

Luda Frost[править]

It all started a couple of years ago, in the fall. It was not very cold but windy and damp, it rained, I carried an umbrella, and the tips of the fingers suddenly become very very itchy, swollen and red. It went when I went into a warm room and warm. Since it happens often: swollen tips of fingers and toes, and sometimes swollen ears. One day last winter I have cold swollen cheeks and swollen eyes — I went into subway, looked at myself in the mirror and was horrified.

Tried to drink an antihistamine in the morning — then the allergies are not manifested, but taking the pill for seven or eight months of the year do not want. I'm not going anywhere from Moscow during the cold period, from childhood accustomed to all sorts of allergies, so not very afraid of them — but it is definitely very uncomfortable.

Nata Pokrovskaya[править]

Upon contact with the cold my skin react, though not always, and to identify the exact pattern I can't; there is a red rash, dry elbows, knees and lips, and in the worst case worsens and overall health. Years fifteen I went to the doctor, he said, what phenomenon is this (now I can't remember) and advised me to take vitamin D and go to the Solarium. Since then, we all thought that the Solarium is our friend, I occasionally sunbathed, but without fanaticism. Intolerance manifests itself in any time of the year — for example, in the summer is from the cold water. In the winter I tend to go into heat, but not because of allergies, but just because living is so nice. The worst was in the summer, when hot water was turned off, the issue was solved by hiring a housekeeper.

Hate that when you tell people about an Allergy to cold, the majority decides that you're either flirting or just lying.

Alexandra Dadaeva[править]

Sensitivity to cold I got ten years ago and is manifested mainly by skin dryness, redness, flaking, itching. When quite cold, is that the skin on the face "peel off" — not entirely, of course, but pleasant enough. The dryness is such that it burns and hurts. Once my mother sent me to a doctor — I was told that the so-called allergic to the cold, which can be adjusted to either a rigorous diet (which will not save completely, but will help to reduce basic symptoms), or moving to a country with a better climate.

Lately, the winter in Moscow is not very severe, so I tolerate easily. Try to pay more attention to skin care, primarily hydration, drink a lot of water, do not forget about proper diet. Try not to be outside long in the cold. In the last couple of years, I think that for the winter to go to warmer climes. While it is impossible, but very desirable — apart from the skin problems, I just don't very well tolerate cold, feel very cold and suffer from the fact that you have to deprive yourself of long walks in the winter, when sad and gloomy.

Lazarenko Dasha[править]

Since childhood winter, my hands were covered with red spots and blisters, itchy. My mom took me to the doctors, but they somehow connected these symptoms with food allergies — I was forbidden to eat vegetables and fruits red and smeared hands with a solution of fukortsin. Gradually the symptoms of my "allergies" started to take place — whether the treatment helped, then I learned not to go out without mittens.

Now I don't use anything for skin, but a moisturizing cream, but on the street without gloves still do not come out and almost always hide his hands in his pockets. Occasionally it happens that the hands are covered with red spots, but after a couple of days it passes. Gloves I'm trying to choose a wool lining and better yet, mittens. I came to the conclusion that I have contact dermatitis associated with the cold. To move because of dermatitis is not thought, because they have learned this quite comfortable to live and nothing disturbs me.

Daria V.[править]

Sensitivity to cold appeared about eleven or twelve years — allergists say that this was due to puberty. Allergies can be still, and if before it needed quite severe frosts around minus twenty, but now it is enough to walk a quarter of an hour, when it's minus ten. I see a huge red-crimson spots all over the face, the skin loses sensitivity, swells and becomes spongy to the touch. Sometimes I quickly go into a warm room and symptoms do not have time to appear — but the discomfort is still there.

In General, I came to terms with the situation, especially because the symptoms disappear within an hour after coming into heat. Unpleasant only the reaction of the people in the subway or other transportation — all not explain that I have allergies. Friends have become accustomed to — but the first time did not believe that I reacted in the cold.

Nata Vdovin[править]

According to family legend, my problem with the cold began when six years old they took me to the Christmas party without mittens. Whether the mother was in the hospital, or not follow, but I froze my palm with back of hand between index and big fingers. Since then every winter when the temperature drops I got crust in these places, and even on the elbows and chin. It was very ugly, and because of these manifestations could not even watch the weather forecast — it was clear on my skin. I am very tired, I went to a pediatric dermatologist, I was prescribed ointments and diet. When it became clear that the rise from allergies to citrus and sweet, I stopped eating their products. As they grow accustomed to and learned to alleviate the condition of ointments and preventative measures.

Then change the localization of this red flaky crusts: on the elbows, hands and chin it went, but began to peel off the eyelids, corners of the mouth and the skin behind the ears. At the age of seventeen (now twenty-two) I lay in kozhvendispansere, where I did a course of shots, and a couple of years all vanished. But now the symptoms have returned — periodically peel the eyelids, the ears. The dermatologist says it's atopic dermatitis, recommends to avoid allergens and smear hormonal ointment for exacerbations. I've always wanted to go to warmer climes and this year we are going to enter master course in Spain. The doctors say that the Mediterranean climate will help to cope with this problem (and others too).

Darina S.[править]

One winter evening after kindergarten my mother looked at me with surprise and said that I have allergies. My face was red with small pimples and since then I have frequently it happens in the cold, in this way the skin itches and burns, swells and dries. It is worth saying that I come from Yakutia — strange, perhaps, but people with cold intolerance is, and at the Pole of cold; I've heard about other Yakutsk with this problem. I'm already used to your sensitivity and I know that there are cases much worse, even with hospitalization. Now I live in Saint-Petersburg and the damp and the wind cold more than in Yakutia. Allergy starts at the slightest coolness.

Lena Bychkova[править]

Sensitivity to cold appeared after surgery: at seventeen I had a craniotomy to remove the hematoma in the temporal lobe of the brain. Since my skin reacts to cold: as soon as the temperature drops below zero, begins to scratch the lower back and lower leg, and the skin becomes dry, starts to peel off and if covered with a thin crust. Nourishing creams themselves can not cope, but help in the Union with oils. If peeling has already started, has to be smeared several times a day. At this time, impossible to use shower gel — the skin tightens even more.

To doctors I did not go: for some reason did not occur to you that it can be cured. I suffer every winter from the cold and promise myself next year to go to the tropics, but for some reason either stay home or go somewhere where it's cold. Not hard enough to suffer.

Umar Khasanov[править]

There are people who can't take the cold, for example, they abruptly begin to tear the eyes or in the cold, rashes appear on the skin. They often refer to it as "allergic to cold", but actually this is a common reaction of the skin, which is adjusted using coldcream any manufacturer and protect exposed areas of skin with clothing. But there is the so-called cold urticaria (cold urticaria) — in this case, the exposure to low temperature leads to the fact that the fat cells of the immune system are destroyed, discarded the inflammatory mediators, including histamine, and skin blisters, which are very similar to burns from a nettle.

Unfortunately, modern medicine does not know why the immune system suddenly begins to react at lower temperatures — in any case, the urticaria is treated with antihistamines. Still, there are congenital disorders that result in similar symptoms. This family of cold hereditary autoinflammatory syndrome (familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome), which develops in congenital dysfunction of certain proteins in the body. Fortunately, all these conditions are rare, and most problems can be solved by using sunscreen and warm clothes.

Is that a skin reaction to cold is seen in men, which likewise affects the food: citrus fruits, soybeans, milk, chocolate, seafood or eggs. This is called a pseudoallergy is that a large amount these foods cause release of histamine, and often a person thinks that he is allergic to almost everything. But I have not seen data indicating that patients with cold urticaria are predisposed to allergies more than other people. Diet with sensitivity to cold is not justified unless the products, causing the release of histamine, should eat in reasonable quantities.

Propagation Ekaterina[править]

Patients reacting to the cold, can be divided into two groups. The first will include people with genetically caused diseases: as a rule, they have skin symptoms such as rashes and such General symptoms as joint pain and fever. In this case, necessarily need to consult a immunologist.

The second group of patients, deterioration occurs in the local exposure to cold — for example, at a low temperature on the street, washing dishes or taking a shower. Usually they have red skin on exposed parts of the body and face and start to profusely flow with tears. In some situations, the cold can trigger an attack of difficulty breathing. This clear relationship of exposure to cold as a trigger of deterioration is called "cold Allergy".

Treatment is primarily to prevent contact with cold is warm clothing in winter, swimming in warm water, eliminating cold food and drinks. In the winter, especially on windy days, before leaving the house on exposed skin to apply the cream. In addition, it is important to make a diagnosis, to identify comorbidities (if any).